Buffett Trivia Volume 2

More Buffett Trivia Questions!! The answers are below along with a scoring grid. Thanks go out to Jim Marchbanks for passing this along.


1. What are the names of Jimmy’s 3 children?

2. What Lord Buckley song did Jimmy once record?

3. What were the two golfers nicknamesin the story “The Swamp Creature Let One in?

4. What album was the song “Love & Luck” written for but did not make the final cut?

5. What 2 cities were “You Had To Be There” recorded in? What 2 cities were “Feeding Frenzy” recorded in?

6. What movie does Jimmy “give a plugfor” on “You Had To Be There”?

7. What song does Jimmy sing in the movie “FM”?

8. What Eagles’ album does Jimmy sing back-up on?

9. What city inspired the song “Boat Drinks”?

10. Where did Frank Bama and Trevor Kane finally end up in the Book “Where is Joe Merchant?”?

11. Where is the “Blue Heaven Rendezvous”?

12. What 2 songs does Jimmy mention his friend Desdemona on?

13. Name all the musicians Jimmy talks about in the song “Saxophones”?

14. Without looking at the album, what’s the name of boat Jimmy’s sitting on on the cover of “Living and Dying in 3/4 Time”?

15. Where did the maid come from inthe song “Off To See The Lizard”?

16. What island inspired “One Particular Harbour” and what island inspired “Volcano”?

17. What movie inspired “Grapefruit-JuicyFruit”?

18. What’s Norman Paperman’s wife’s name?

19. What song does Jimmy mention Travis Mcgee in?

20. What is the secret ingredientin the perfect margarita?


1. Savannah Jane, Sarah Delaney and Cameron Marley
2. God’s Own Drunk
3. Eugene “Balls” Rawls & “LardAss” Louis Huckle
4. Hot Water
5. “You Had To Be There” Atlanta & Miami and “Feeding Frenzy” Atlanta & Cincinnati
6. Animal House
7. Livingston Saturday Night
8. The Long Run
9. Boston
10. Kodiak, Alaska
11. Key West
12. Fruitcakes & Desdemona’s Building a Rocket Ship
13. Benny Spellman, Dr John, Irma Thomas, Frogman Henry
14. Good Luck
15. Martinique
16. Tahiti & Montserrat
17. Payday
18. Henny
19. Incommunicado
20. Bols Orange Curacao


17 – 20. You have been there since the start. Way too many margaritas and Corona’s.
12 – 16. Not bad. You’ve probably had one to many margaritas before.
6 – 11. Keep trying. You are now ready for Corona.
1 – 5. Go directly to your record store. You probably are still showing an ID. Push the on button on the blender.