Buffett to perform at rally in West Palm Beach

Jimmy Buffett will perform a “short” solo acoustic set in West Palm Beach on Saturday in an effort “to energize Democrats and Parrot Heads across the state”. The event is free and open to the public.

The event is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. Saturday at the Meyer Amphitheatre in downtown West Palm Beach.

26 thoughts on “Buffett to perform at rally in West Palm Beach

  1. I wish Jimmy would stay out of politics. I don’t think very many “ParrotHeads” are energized by it.

  2. Jimmy always take a stand that he believes is important. From what I see he is asking us to get out and vote. Thank you Jimmy Pagoodnight

    1. Well its easy to be a liberal when your not affected directly or have enough money it doesn’t truly hit you in the pocketbook.

  3. For the non-inquisitive: JB is a long time liberal. He had Ann Richards onstage in Austin in the 90’s. He did concerts for Bill Clinton. He’s worked with Florida governors of both parties for environmental protections. As a courtesy to non-liberals, he rarely mentions politics onstage. Try listening to Overkill and Only Time Will Tell for a better idea of where he stands.

  4. Thank you Jimmy! We are mad as hell and we are not going to take it any more!!! See you all on Tuesday!

    And thanks for NOT shutting up and “dribbling “. You the man!

  5. Jimmy is a great guy and respect his opinions but he has become so mega rich that hes forgotten what the small business man in this country goes thru . I know he donates time and money for the causes he believes in but has forgotten his roots

    1. You mean like the small business men that Trump has screwed repeatedly in his projects?

  6. Jimmy is a billionaire and should thank the Trump economy for his investments. But no, he d rather campaign for liberal progressives who will raise your taxes and take your money from you. Pretty sad since most parrotheads are average people struggling to survive. It s obvious he has forgotten where he came from. Sorry, that s the truth!

  7. Hmmm political rally? Looks more like a Bill “G Force” Nelson rally against cosmetic surgery gone bad.

  8. Ya’ll must feel really silly not knowing Buffett’s politics. He’s never tried to hide it. I admire your bravery to admit publicly the depth of your ignorance. Most people would have been embarrassed and try to hide it. Those of us who have listened to more than M’ville and 5 O’clock are laughing with you, not at you. Thanks for giving your money to liberal causes! You’ve helped make the world a little bit better.

    1. Haven t been to one of his shows since the early “90’s, so I wouldn t pay 10 bucks to listen to those 40 year old songs. Seems you re the ignorant one! LOL

      1. and yet here you are , one of only 20 people making comments on the buffettnews website. Did you seek out the site only to find this story and make your comment?

    2. It always baffles me when people are upset with his views. You are obviously not a real fan. I also like to think that REAL Parrotheads sway left a bit. Most of us believe in One Love for all!

      If this is all a surprise to you – you just don’t “get it” and don’t really understand the true Parrothead culture.

      FINS UP!

    3. Your a dope if you think either party cares about you as an individual. Republicans love corporations and Democrats love minorities and illegals. Pick your poison but my poison has given a stronger portfolio with Republicans.

  9. You socialist are idiots! The man is a crook and will screw all of you. He should be in jail. As for entrainment now days they have so much money things will not affect them. Their opinions do not meet with much of America. God save us from these idiots.

  10. Jimmy’s been wrong on politics probably his whole life, at least since Carter anyway. As long as he keeps pumping out the Paradise fantasy I’m cool. After all, we are all buying escapism here. The quickest way to kill the golden goose is to introduce politics into his onstage show, music or other enterprises. Politics is the main thing I want to escape from, as far as I’m concerned there are no political parties in Margaritaville.

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