Coral Reefer Brand Cannabis Products coming in April 2019

Jimmy Buffett has licensed the “Coral Reefer” brand to Surterra, a medical marijuana company that is licensed in Florida and Texas. A new web site has launched called that has more information on vape pens, vaporizer pods, batteries and other products that will be available for purchase exclusively at Surterra Wellness Centers in April 2019.

The Coral Reefer brand was born out of music, sunshine, salty air, and good vibes. So when the winds of change started blowing and more and more states made cannabis legal, we wanted to create products to enhance peoples’ lives and represent the roots of Key West.

“It never dawned on me that Coral Reefer would be anything other than a cool name for a tropical band born out of the lifestyle in Key West in the mid 70’s.” Jimmy Buffett

Coral Reefer products bring fun to the functional benefits of cannabis. Our carefully crafted blends combine natural terpenes and flavonoids that optimize beneficial effects and provide complementary mild, natural flavors..

Whether you’re looking for the MELLOW EFFECTS of a Low Tide experience or THE POWER of a Tsunami, our disposable vaporizer pens will set you on a course for smooth sailing. If a rechargeable pen is more your speed, our TideRider brings a unique style that will keep you surfing the seas all season long.

he custom flavor profiles – margarita, creamy key lime, spiced rum cake and minty mojito – are inspired by our Key West origins and the neighboring islands where we like to roam. Our CBD-to-THC ratio-based formulations range from mild to high intensity and may be beneficial to people looking for everything from pain relief to mood management to full body relaxation.

Kick off your flip-flops and join us on this tropical journey!

Good for the body. Good for the soul.

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  2. Just purchased Surfin’ in a Hurricane Disposable vape. I LOVE it!!! I would very much like to purchase a hat to promote it! Where can I get one? Please and thank you!

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