25 thoughts to “Buffett joins Livingston Taylor at Berklee College of Music”

  1. Wait what happened. All of the Dec Florida shows were postponed for a year due to shoulder surgery. We bought tix for this past Saturday Orlando show and we were taking our 9 year old.

  2. So, it is for the most part not affordable folks.
    Because I have always followed LIV. I can all ready tell you to save every penny of your tax refund if you thing you are going to go.

  3. It’s awful to hear people complain about cancelled shows. Of course disappointment matters, but Jimmy has earned the right to do whatever he wants. He has always cared about his fans.

    Please stop.

    1. He had the surgery right before Thanksgiving, he will not playing music at the event listed above. He will be speaking at a session on success in the music business

  4. He did this at least once before, maybe 1996 or 97. I snuck in for part of it. It was a Q&A about how to succeed in the business. No playing, at least for the part I attended. Fun to hear his stories.

  5. Do you are you people that go to buffet concerts just remember you’re putting money in the pocket of a radical left-wing socialist who wants to curtail your constitutional rights He now spits on the country that made him wealthy . Had we known in the 1970 s who he really was would never have listened to his ” music” He should have a picture of Karl Marx on his albums

    1. John Ralston You aren’t even a person. You opened an anonymous page to spit out vile comments. He’s brought more happiness to more people than you have to have a real FB page. Smh.

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