Buffett adds Dublin Ireland show to the 2020 Tour

Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band will be performing at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin Ireland on Saturday Sept 19th as part of the 2020 Slack Tide Tour. Tickets go on sale Saturday December 14th through TicketMaster.

50 thoughts on “Buffett adds Dublin Ireland show to the 2020 Tour

  1. Wondering if Florida will get dates on the 2020 tour? I now we have 2019 tour dates still to come, but will he ignore Florida once again on the 2020 tour?

    1. Scott Daley the Dublin show just had a different set up, maybe it was the preshow parties? Or the fights that broke out? Not too sure? Don’t get me wrong its JB so the show was fun…just not as good as the last 3 years we have been to Paris.

    2. I had a great time in Ireland last year. The country was great, the venue was so so. London acoustically was awesome but blah, Paris is THE place to be. I canโ€™t describe the magic that happens there.

  2. Does anyone know by Brady didn’t play with Jimmy in Ireland? He wrote “world is what you make it.” Jimmy was talking about playing with him.

    Also people. Please stop complaining. Jimmy can’t play everywhere, although he certainly tries. This year he couldn’t play Camden, and many were devastated.

    That’s life.

  3. Many great sailors and their boats are in Ireland along with being the home of St Brendan the Navigator who sailed to Alabama around 400 AD just genetically proven

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