Buffett’s new album to be called “Life on the Flip Side”

From Keys Weekly: “Buffett starts 2020 with impromptu show at Margaritaville

The whispered rumors started around midday on Jan. 18. They gathered steam throughout the afternoon and were proven true by 9 p.m., when Jimmy Buffett ducked under his guitar strap and nodded with a smile to members of his Coral Reefer Band.

The Margaritaville mogul took the stage at his own bar on Key West’s Duval Street for his first live performance of 2020.

Buffett and the band had been in Key West recording a new album, “Life on the Flip Side,” for release later this year.

The band played to a packed house of surprised tourists and in-the-know locals who had been on the receiving end of the day’s rumors. 

With songs that captured Key West’s simpler times, Buffett serenaded sun-loving locals with the lyrics that lured them here so many years ago, and gave the disbelieving visitors the vacation memories of a lifetime.

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    1. 2 years ago he played Toronto and Vancouver. Last year he played Toronto, Montreal, and St Johns Nfld. He’s doing more shows in Canada now than ever in his career

  1. I have been Listening to Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefers since I was 13 years Old! He is my Heart! Anyone who knows me, knows I absolutely Love Jimmy Buffett’s Music! I would So Love to be able to walk up to him and give him a big hug and tell him thank you for all of the many years of his Beautiful Music!!!!

    1. I met Jimmy, years ago here in West Palm Beach at a restaurant called Speak Easy. I was on lunch break with friends from a doctors office I worked with. He had his daughter with him at the time, which I’m sure is grown by now. When we got up to leave, we stopped by his table to chat just a few minutes. We didn’t want to disturb him, but he was so friendly and out going. I liked him even more after that run in with him and his daughter. He’s a very nice man!

  2. Absolutely Awesome
    I Can not wait for the new tunes
    I’ve been a Jimmy Buffett fan for 42 years and counting, since 16 thank you Jimmy for the stories and the fun 👌introduced into the JB listeners club by a friendly Parothead 😍

  3. Absolutely Awesome 👏
    I have been a Jimmy Buffett fan for 42 years introduced by a Parrot 🦜 Head at 16.
    Thanks Jimmy for the stories and the fun 👍

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