Cabin Fever Spring 2020 Virtual Tour

From Well, live touring may be temporarily paused, but we’re all still in need of some fun as we all do our part to maintain social distance! Starting this Wednesday at 8PM Eastern/7PM Central (with an encore at 8PM Pacific) when we will be re-broadcasting a show from the archives “live” like we would from a night on the tour!

Check out the full schedule at link below


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8 thoughts to “Cabin Fever Spring 2020 Virtual Tour”

  1. Fins Up….but 6 feet apart. Stay well until we can all visit Margaritaville together as a group again.

  2. Thank you for cabin fever relief! Most daze are ok. Thank goodness for Spring and too much yard work. So much fun to hark back. My ticket stubs go back 30 years. See you perhaps in Chicago, definitely Jacksonville 2020, via, Kalamazoo. Keep the shows rolling, please. We might be under stay home orders for awhile.

  3. P.S. I appreciate the video from the pitchers mound at Wrigley!!!! We were there. Cool magic Jimmy B. Nice to see up close how much fun you had kicking off flip flops to feel the sacred ground of the field. How’d you do the bleacher move? So fun! You shoulda seen parrotheads ride the red line back to the city after the show. There’s a song in that journey

  4. THANK YOU JIMMY from Montana. I was at The Gorge in George in 1996. This really brought a smile to my face

  5. Hi, I am trying to purchase a 2020 Cabin fever T-shirt. Can not find? Where should i be looking????

  6. Second great choice for Cabin Fever, Fort Worth. LOTS of fun! Just what I needed as likely, all fans. I’m a Midwest girl so its special to see the other shows. However, will be traveling to Jacksonville this year. I appreciate Margaritaville tv. Doesn’t have the distractions and immaturity of You Tube. Thanx again. Don’t stop the carnival!

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