11 thoughts on “Buffett’s new song “Slack Tide”

    1. Hey Tully, still sailing around Cayo Loco? I miss Cleopatra and The Lucretia.

  1. I like everything Jimmy has done. He can’t write a bad song, and even his covers are fantastic.

  2. Nothing special. Sounds like a redo of many of his other songs. And yes, I’ve been a Parrothead since the early 80s. But I’ll still get the album and certainly wear it out. (lol I think that phrase just dated me.)

  3. I love it! Especially the part that says “things happen for a reason”. My mom always said that even as she went thru arthritis, breast cancer, dementia and Alzheimer’s. My husband and I are huge Buffet fans. We went to Key West for our honeymoon just so we could go to Margaritaville. That was almost 30 years ago. We have also also gone to lots of JB concerts. Sooo can’t wait to hear the rest of Slack Tide. The last few days have been tough for me with Mother’s Day coming up Sunday and my 30th wedding anniversary coming up 2 days later and my husband and I are stuck at home and can’t go anywhere to celebrate right now. So after feeling sorry for myself, then seeing this song clip a few minutes ago, I hear ya mom… I hear ya! Jimmy Buffet thanks for reminding me that everything truly does happen for a reason!

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