Watch Buffett’s appearance on the Today Show

Jimmy Buffett tells Hoda and Jenna about his new album “Life on the Flip Side.” Plus, he surprises a deserving health care worker who left her family to help coronavirus patients in New York City with a trip to one of his Margaritaville Resorts.

3 thoughts on “Watch Buffett’s appearance on the Today Show

  1. Jimmy, Thank you so much for all that you are doing. I want you to know that Jimmy Buffett and Radio Margaritaville is the only thing that I play in my operating room! I have had so many nurses say over the years that they feel like they are on vacation or in the islands and I reply, “that’s the whole idea!” I have always felt that people perform their best under tense circumstances when they are relaxed. You should know that your music has helped me personally as well as countless others.

  2. Jimmy has helped me so much in my life with his music.Every since 1976,its changed my whole outlook on life !!

  3. Jimmy was on the View today ca someone post a video of that. Jimmy gave away many more free trips to his resorts for health care workers. God on you Jimmy , Cheers and Fins Up !

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