56 thoughts to “Songs You Don’t Know By Heart … Coming Soon”

  1. Good morning Jimmy!!!!!! So anxious to hear you sing and play these songs!!!!
    Love all your music!!!!!!

    1. If it all falls down
      No plans on Sunday
      I will play for gumbo
      Bring on all the, “parrot head” hits (songs that are only hits to parrot heads

    2. Miss You So Badly, Landfall, Big Rig & so many others from the vault + all of Life on the Flip Side since many fans don’t know them by heart& true fans say it is his greatest album to date!

    1. Wonder Why We Ever Go Home
      Painted the Sky
      Woman Going Crazy on Caroline Street
      Tin Cup Chalice
      They Don’t Dance Like Carmen No More

      Headed to the airport. Key West for a few days. 🤠🌴🌴

      1. Gypsies in the palace
        Peanutbutter conspiracy
        Captain and the kid
        Little miss magic was my father daughter dance at my wedding….
        Born a parrot head!!!! I had no choice!!!
        Can’t wait!!!!

  2. WOW!!!!! this may be the best every…sorry if i never hear Margaritaville again, it will be way too soon
    I go to the concerts just to hear one or two, not so “normal” songs, like just maybe , 12 volt man or even migration
    but then again, just my thoughts

  3. Wonderful to have something to look forward to that won’t be canceled due to the pandemic.

  4. I always appreciate hearing those classic songs that emulate island life (Island, waiting l on hurricane season, bama breeze and son of a son of sailor and many more.

    1. The night I painted the sky.
      Solo performance at Alpine Valley.
      Fireworks lit the sky.
      So many years ago, but I still get goosebumps when I hear this song.
      Love my Jimmy

      1. Jimmy- your songs helped forge deep relationships with my new friends at the Univ of Fl as we often sang late into the night and on later on our trips to the Abacos as a family for many years or they soothed challenging times when losing my dad as the Capt and the Kid just made even more sense. And in all cases…yes they were with the words we all knew by heart. But they were more than just memorized words. They were stories that talked about so many facets of our lives.
        Can’t wait for these new words to soon become words that we know by heart. Just in time for the next phase!!!

        1. My sister left me all your albums. She was a Parrothead and so proud of it. Joy!Joy!Joy! I listen every day. I miss her but love that she introduced me to you!!!

  5. Can not wait! Tides “I will never lose my smile” Love that so much. You have a beautiful smile which lifts my mood every time. Thank you Jimmy!!

  6. Been Waiting Years for this. So Awesome!!!!
    Death of an Unpopular Poet
    Captain and The Kid
    Lone Palm

    Thanks so Much JB!!!

  7. I am hoping for the premier of “Turning Around” that appeared in John Candy’s Summer Rental film that was never released…as well as real obscure songs like Salty Piece of Land. Or maybe Jimmy can rework the lyrics of Captain America complete with kazoo!

    1. I am so excited. I don’t need cheeseburgers, volcanos, or margaritas. Well maybe margaritas, but not in song! I need Manana, TinCup Chalice, and Far Side of the Moon. Some songs bring tears to my eyes but I rarely hear them live. The staple I have to hear is Changes in Latitudes – my theme song. Love you forever Jimmy!!!🌴🎈🏴‍☠️

  8. Fantastic! I’ve always said you need to do a tour called “Songs You Don’t Know By Heart” and fill it full of your favorite ones that never get heard. Every Buffett fan would truly enjoy it. Really looking forward to this!

  9. Night I painted the sky, Death of unpopular poet and Ralph McDonald’s Come on In would all be great to hear!! Can’t wait for this to come out

  10. I could leave a list a mile long but the song on top is Little Miss Magic. That would be magical.

  11. I hope it comes out on a LIVINGSTON SATURDAY NIGHT and are reminded again of Desdemona….

  12. My first album was A-1-A. Been a fan ever since. One out of many of my favorites is Pirate looks at 40…or 50…or 60…

  13. I want to get the recording of JB doing Leonard Cohen’s Suzanne, which he did in Montreal last year.

  14. Been a fan since 1975. Been to over 30 concerts
    All my kids are Parrotheads. Can not wait.

  15. Made my own version of this (playlist wise) a few years ago:
    Stories From My Favorite Books
    The Night I Painted The Sky
    Pacing The Cage
    Happy Ever After
    Nautical Wheelers
    Breath In, Breath Out, Move On
    Brown Eyed Girl
    Uncle John’s Band
    Jamaica Farewell
    Take Another Road
    Death of an Unpopular Poet
    Southern Cross
    L’air De La Louisiane
    Jolly Man Sing
    Changing Channels
    Growing Older But Not Up
    Coast of Carolina
    That’s What Living Is To Me

    1. Certainly hope “Whose the blonde stranger” is going to be on the list. Also, City of New Orleans. First time we heard the song was at Wrigley Field after Katrina. Everyone was moved when Jim and Mac sang it by themselves.

  16. The Great Filling Station Hold Up, Stars Fell on Alabama. It’s My Job, Breathe In. Breathe Out, Move On,
    Death of an Unpopular Poet, Bob Roberts Society Band, Lo e in tbe Library… and Delaney Talks To Statues. Thanks for the soundtrack to so many lives, Jimmy!

  17. First saw Jimmy at the mad dog saloon on lake wylie s.c. back in the early 70’s. He sat on a barstool and sang his ass off. Will never forget that night.

  18. I saw Jimmy Buffett in Knoxville Tennessee in 1979 we drove a new Camaro 1980 z-28 to go see him.
    . I am passed out falling over the seats in front of me .the place only about half full woke up on the floor of the motel room to this day I don’t know what happened my ex says she doesn’t remember. I think it might be , who’s the blonde stranger, I don’t know what happened.

  19. Come on Jimmy, IAM Growin Older not Up.. Waiting for my new place in San Diego.. to open..

  20. All the songs people are suggesting have been done over the years and live. They can be found on “Jokelben” the best website.

  21. How about,
    “I need a quarantine haircut”.
    i love Jimmy but….that hair….EEk!!

  22. Tampico Trauma, Wonder Why You Ever Go Home, Presents To Send You, Island Fever, African Friend, First Look, Homemade Music, Strange Bird, Pre You, Blue Heaven Rendevouz…….

  23. Cliches
    Nobody speaks to the captain
    Something so Feminine about a mandolin:::::loved to sing to my daughter when she was little
    Brahma Fear
    Ballad of spider John
    If I could just get it on paper
    Last but not least::::Twelve Volt Man

  24. I can’t even remember the name, but “Disembarking at Duvalier Airport, seeking transportation to town …”. I ❤️ The old ballads!

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