8 thoughts on “Buffett performs “Something So Feminine About a Mandolin”

  1. When Bubba picks he reminds me so much of how my late father would pick out a tune on his guitar, he didn’t learn to read music till he was like in his 70’s. Also so funny seeing JB realize what Jan contributed back in the early days…get that lady some mailboat money asap. Delaney, please get your Dad to do “If the Phone doesn’t Ring It’s Me” I onlyvgot to hear him do that once I think in Atlanta and it’s a big favorite too. THANKS Buffett family and BuffettNews.

  2. First time I’ve heard this song, and so it is a “song I don’t know by heart”. Thank you. Looking forward to more.

  3. Beautiful song I learned when it was released and it’s great to see Jim do it in the rough, so to speak. It makes him seem more like us guys who try to emulate him and his wonderful music. Thank you James from one son of a son of a sailor to another. You are helping us to get through these stressful times.

  4. I just love this site. Always brings a smile to me. Thank ya Jimmy and Ms. Delaney!

  5. I’m so loving this. It’s so honest. Makes me cry and laugh at the same time. Can’t wait to hear what is next.

  6. This “Songs You Don’t Know By Heart” series is simply the best thing to ever hit this website! Get to hear Jimmy play some lesser known songs and more importantly, I enjoy the interviews/questions/comments between Dad and Daughter ! Thanks for allowing us into your world and thanks for all of the great music. Keep up the great work Delaney and thanks again!

  7. This idea is fantastic. Not all of us are “parrot heads”. Jimmy has written some great songs and it is understandable that he can’t play everything in his live shows, but this gives him and his daughter a chance to play and talk about some of those great songs. My all time favorite is “Cowboy in the Jungle”. I have tried to live by the chorus. Hope you can play and talk about it sometime. Thanks for everything.

  8. Buffett has a ton of tunes that not many regular fans have heard. All the songs you
    know by heart have been beaten into the ground. I’ve been listening to Jimmy for 41 years so I know them all. It’s just fantastic to hear him play these obscure songs. There is so much music that he has produced that should be heard. Tired of Cheesburger and all. Bring on African Friend and all!!!

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