5 thoughts to “Buffett performs “Peanut Butter Conspiracy””

  1. Really look forward to the looks back…. didn’t start following you till later in life but enjoying the hell out your stories now…

  2. Great tune! Loving these videos with Jimmy singing his great “unknown” songs. These are the tunes that I’ve been loving for over 40 years and they never get old. Miss Fingers tremendously. There was nothing better than seeing just Jimmy and Fingers up on the stage doing their thing. Would love to hear Jimmy sing “Presents to Send You” and the story behind that one!

  3. Jimmy many thanks for the “history ” in music. It is always a pleasure to listen and learn of the adventures of Jimmy Buffett..
    Be well my friend.

  4. The man is my hero – I live in Brisbane Australia and have been listening to Jimmy since 1973. Now my five year old grand daughter Charlotte and three year old grand son Xavier love Jimmy and know all the words to his songs thanks to their Dad who sends them to sleep with Jimmy music. We were in Sydney at the concert on the night he fell off the stage. We were numb and stunned. All ended well though thankfully.

  5. Hey Jimmy thanks for all the memories and great stories. Been a fan since the first time I heard Come Monday on the am radio. WIXY 1260 in Cleveland. So many great songs we never hear. This is an awesome why to share them with us. Thanks to Savanna too for documenting this.

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