4 thoughts to “Buffett performs Tin Cup Chalice for SYDKBH”

  1. Thank you One of my favorites. I to discovered the magic of the Keys I left my home in Minnesota in late 1979 in a ford van I knew I was headed for Florida, I had never been there I worked my way down the coast as a carny, that’s a story for another day. Carnival ended at Gulfstream racetrack. One of my fellow Carney’s suggested the Keys so of we went. Spent the next six months of the best time of my life. Fell in love with your music there. A guy used to play your songs at the Smugglers Cove. I now live in Ocean Springs Mississippi and Your still my favorite I’ve only heard you twice live. I did see up in Pascagoula there’s a beach named for you . By the way congrats on the Mississippi songwriters HOF. If you ever pass thru give me a call I’ll take you out on my pontoon in the bayou Thanks again for your music Sir. Tim Billstrom PS. Thank your daughter for the project although they are songs I know by heart.

  2. Great song. Guy Laliberté wasn’t born until 1959 and didn’t leave Canada till he was 18. He then hitchhiked thru Europe extensively. The timeline just doesn’t add up that he could have been in key west before well into the 1980s

  3. A1A is to this day my very favorite LP. I loved every song on it. I was in Key West about 20yrs ago and I wondered where the trained cats were I had seen in about 1981 and now I know why they weren’t there!

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