Dylan Orenstein talks about Buffett’s new album

Dylan Orenstein is a special guest on The Paul Leslie Hour.

Although his official title is Chief Investment Officer, Dylan Orenstein likes to say he “works for Jimmy Buffett.” Working for such a versatile artist with so many interests, means those who work for him do a variety of things. Take for instance the new studio album from Jimmy Buffett: Songs You Don’t Know By Heart, of which Orenstein was an Associate Producer.

Does discussion about unpopular poets and ice cream belong side by side? If you’re Dylan Orenstein, the answer is yes. For the impassioned Jimmy Buffett fan, you’ll be very glad you tuned into this in-depth interview. He’s right here on The Paul Leslie Hour!

4 thoughts on “Dylan Orenstein talks about Buffett’s new album

    1. Bingo! I always thought the reason for the start of Margaritaville was that “people were selling t-shirts with my name on it and they didn’t even get that right.” It was 1985 (not 1974) that Jimmy asked Sunshine if they could/should open a t-shirt shop. And it was Caribbean Soul. And Paul Leslie had it right: If you go to RocketReach, this kid DOES list himself as Chief INFORMATION Officer, and not Chief INVESTMENT Officer. So, at the age of 29, he’s known Delaney for 25 years. Good grief. Life in the Hamptons does have its perks. Finally, what is he CIO of? Certainly not Margaritaville Holdings. This kid was excited to have sold a couple of thousand dollars of t-shirts that morning? So, THAT is how JB got to be a supposed Billionaire. As the original post says, let the music speak for itself.

  1. Still waiting for the Delaney/Jimmy interviews and songs to be released on DVD is there any chance of that happening?

    1. Any parrot head will tell you these songs are hardly obscure. Most have heard them in concert or in live recordings.

      It’s still a nice album, but I love the live versions.

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