Jimmy Buffett’s party pontoon boat unveiled

Forest River Marine is proud to announce our partnership with Jimmy Buffett, and Margaritaville by bringing you License To Chill.

This boat features a hammock that hangs over the water in the bow of the boat, along with infinite loungers in the stern, a beach bar that rises from the entertainment area by the push of a button, and a chill deck that automatically folds out from the port-side rail. License To Chill is exclusively paired with a 300R from our partners at Mercury Marine. Innovation has been a focal point at FRM, with that; we are thrilled to be chosen by a partner as reputable as Margaritaville and Jimmy Buffett on this project.

License To Chill is being unveiled at the Berkshire Hathaway Meeting in Omaha Nebraska this weekend, April 29th & 30th. Production on these 25 limited edition SouthBay pontoons will begin in 2023.

Shareholders could buy a boat designed by singer Jimmy Buffett at the event for nearly $200,000 at a 10% discount. The boats, manufactured by Berkshire subsidiary Forest River, are in production after 14 months of developing with the 75-year-old Buffett.

This one of a kind boat will have you “living for the weekend”

6 thoughts on “Jimmy Buffett’s party pontoon boat unveiled

  1. Now if you could just add a place for half a dozen scuba tanks….don’t we all just want everything!

  2. We need one of these at the new Watersound Margaritaville in Panama City Beach at the Marina being built there. Wowza

  3. Such a long way from peanut butter conspiracy I don’t know if I’d Afford That much….. Seems like Jimmy Buffett Is like Warren Buffett…..

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