Stay in a Cabana Cabin at Camp Margaritaville in Auburndale FL

From Business Insider: “See inside a tiny cabin at Margaritaville’s newest RV resort in Florida starting at $195 per night

RV parks are no longer reserved for travelers with tiny homes on wheels. If you don’t own a RV but you’ve dreamt of vacationing at a RV resort, now’s your chance.

Camp Margaritaville’s newest RV resort in Auburndale Florida — about one our from Orlando — has a collection of 60 on-site cabana cabins to house vacationers who don’t have a RV. and they’re the perfect family friendly combination of a tiny home, extended stay hotel, and Airbnb.

Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville currently operates three “casual luxury” Camp Margaritaville locations in Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida. But this could soon change: The hospitality empire wants to open 30 to 50 more RV parks throughout the US over the next five years.

The Margaritaville-branded chain obviously targets the growing RV market, but this doesn’t mean you have to be a RV traveler to experience the Parrothead RV lifestyle. All three locations have accommodations designed for visitors who don’t own a tiny home on wheels.

Camp Margaritaville in Auburndale Florida has tropical tiny homes fit for its warm lakeside location. If you’ve dreamed of sipping on a tropical cocktail while lounging by a lake, or an activity-packed family vacation with your young children Camp Margaritaville RV Resort and Cabana Cabins has the amenities you may be looking for.

The cabins start at almost $195 a night. This price includes access to the park’s amenities including its two pools, dog park, and children’s water play area.

7 thoughts on “Stay in a Cabana Cabin at Camp Margaritaville in Auburndale FL

  1. Remember when Bubba used to entertain us with songs that mocked old people who retired to Florida? And how those mobile homes that they live in would be much better as beers cans? Or how glad he was the he didn’t live in a trailer? Well, there’s a big difference between selling out a show and selling out your beliefs.

      1. I agree with J.L , Jimmy’s only all about the money now. Don’t need help from a shrink to figure that out!

  2. Unbelievable that you likened fictional song lyrics to selling out beliefs. Obviously you never graduated from junior high. You probably can’t afford to stay in one of these cabana’s so your only resort is to bash a cool new concept that the rest of the world will really enjoy.

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