9 thoughts on “Buffett performs in Rogers AR

  1. Come on Jimmy, and the coral reefers let’s not do another yellow album show let’s play some of the deep tracks.

  2. Sunflower is going to do a set list tonight of the Austin show, something a 4th grader could do.
    But he won’t download the show: mental illness?

  3. Charles, Please lay off SunLover. It has been posted that all the shows will appear in due time. Besides, this is a hobby for him.

    If you are unsatisfied, perhaps you could invest in the time, software and expertise to download and track out a concert stream.

    Just sayin’

    1. Sunflower has downloaded just 3 shows since Sept 2021.
      If he doesn’t want to anymore, let someone else do it.

      1. Charles, he has downloaded each of those shows. They just haven’t been cut and compiled yet. We all want to see our shows uploaded right away, but they will be.

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