Crocs Classic Margaritaville Clogs

From Footwear News: “Crocs x Margaritaville Deliver Happy Hour With Whimsical Clogs & Shot Glass Jibbitz

In partnership with the Jimmy Buffett restaurant, the 2021 FNAA Shoe of the Year winner has boosted its hit Classic Clog in a tropical state of mind. The Crocs Classic Margaritaville clogs include foam uppers in a marbled pale lime green and white palette, reminiscent of the popular summer beverage itself. Completing each set are sparkly aquamarine blue counter straps.

However, this isn’t the only element of the collaboration. The clogs are also accompanied by a themed Jibbitz pack. The set features rubber charms shaped like ice cubes, a salt shaker, shot glass, lime slice and a pink tiki umbrella. Rounding out the selection is a whimsical surprise: a Jibbitz that functions as a bottle opener, crafted in the silhouette of a red parrot.

The Bufett-themed set will be available, like its previous limited-edition predecessors, for fans to shop in an online drawing. From June 14—16 at noon ET, one pair and its accompanying Jibbitz charms — collectively retailing for $64 — can be purchased by the drawing’s winner. Winners will be notified within 12 hours of the drawing’s end via email, with their cards charged at that time. Through an EQL account, consumers can enter the drawing on Crocs’ website.

7 thoughts on “Crocs Classic Margaritaville Clogs

  1. Oh common!!
    What a money-making waste of space!!
    Jimmy, whatever happened to be true to yourself?
    Unless yourself is a money-making weasel who can’t wait to take advantage of your gullible fan-base…
    For shame Mr Buffett, for shame.

      1. Oh ow, that hurt.
        Don you are a master of witty repartee – you have wounded me to my very soul.
        Enjoy your clogs, I’m sure you will stand out in a crowd.

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