Blake Shelton talks about Buffett getting involved with Barmageddon

From USA Network: Blake Shelton Reveals How Jimmy Buffett Got Involved With ‘Barmageddon’

There’s a lot to love about the new USA Network series “Barmageddon” — you’ve got Blake Shelton, Carson Daly, and Nikki Bella teaming up, exciting celebrity guests every episode, truly wild bar games, and, of course, lots of music. In fact, at the start of the show, there’s a special theme song that every watcher at home will want to sing along with.

While “Barmageddon” (the theme song) is performed by Blake Shelton, it was actually written by another iconic hitmaker: Jimmy Buffett. Buffett — who, like Shelton, has his own famous bar franchise with Margaritaville — cowrote the catchy theme song with Mac McAnally. In addition to describing the show as “a high tech, honky tonk shotgun wedding,” the song also states, “Anything can happen there and it usually does.”

So, how did Buffett get involved with “Barmageddon”? Well, Shelton revealed all in a recent interview with USA Insider digital correspondent Stephanie Gomulka.

“So when you do these television shows and you’re gonna perform a song, you have got to reach out to the writers of the song and get permission. I have a mutual friend with Jimmy Buffett … and we reached out to get permission to sing ‘Margaritaville’ as one of the intro songs — every show opens with a sing-along song — and I got an email back from [them], they just forwarded Jimmy’s email back to him on to me that said, ‘Yeah, they can do this song … I love the title of that TV show. That sounds like a good song,'” Shelton explained.

Shelton then told Buffett to write a song that Shelton would sing, committing before he even heard a single lyric. It was an easy commitment to make, though.

“I figured Jimmy Buffett can pull this off if anybody in the world can. It’s got to be Jimmy Buffett … it ends up being perfect. I mean, it really is actually just [a] good, fun song. It gets stuck in your head, and I mean, who else can say that Jimmy Buffett wrote the theme song for the TV show?” Shelton said.

You can hear “Barmageddon” (the song) here. Or you can catch it on every episode of “Barmageddon,” which airs Mondays at 11 p.m. ET/PT on USA Network.

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  1. Sounds like the typical “bro country” style that’s prevalent coming out of Nashville these days, and permeating the country radio airwaves.
    Not Mac and Jimmy’s best work, I’m afraid.

  2. Been a Parrothead for years now. And a Blake Shelton fan. We need more reasons to smile these days, so sit back and enjoy the song and the show. I know I do….

  3. This is STUPID. Maybe ok for counrty bumpkins. NOT something I would affiliate with Parrotheads and Jimmy Buffett. I’ll always believe that the country music gone tropical are wanna bees following JB. Stick to whatcha got, huge difference between Jimmy and yocal country. Trop Rock is its own gig. Not trying to sound mean, just my opinion that there is a difference. I wont watch the show. Really? Adults looking way dummer than any fin friends Ive ever seen. And thats a LOT. Over 30 Buffett concerts. More on the horizon, I hope

      1. Good grief, if your critiquing spelling. Youust be real bored. I’m allowed an opinion. Wow. Ease up

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