Buffett performs in San Diego, Summer tour starts in July

Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band performed at Snapdragon Stadium in San Diego on May 6th.

During the show Buffett said “Thank you all, have a great summer. I’ll be back out in July. Look me up!”

The set list from the show is now available. Some of the highlights included: “Growing Older But Not Up”, “He Went to Paris”, and “Margaritaville” featuring Frank Marshall on guitar.

41 thoughts on “Buffett performs in San Diego, Summer tour starts in July

  1. At 19 songs barely 90 minutes this is shortest Buffett show I’ve ever seen. In August 2022 he was doing 28 songs. Hmmmm…

    1. He’s 76 years old!! I hope to have that much energy & memory of song lyrics when I’m that old! Palm Springs was way shorter & no encore, we were happy with the show & venue all in all, just happy he’s getting back out there!

    2. It was a double billing! Think off it more like his Jazz fest set or a warm up.
      He’s been in the studio cutting a new album- he’s working as hard as ever. Just chill and sip a margarita.

  2. This is not easy to say, but that concert was a waste of money. 45 minutes of Jason Mraz (never heard of the guy and now I know why) which was painful. Should have stayed home.

    1. Agree STRONGLY as to Jason…i was gritting my terth.
      But JB was great as ever!
      Many thanks to the wonderful folks who showed so much concern for my friend who had a breathing episode and demo strated what great people JB fans are..love to you

  3. The show was short! We all love this music, but this was not good bang for the buck.

  4. You really can’t be a true Parrothead if you are complaining. I would pay to see him sing a couple of songs. Geez the guy has entertained us for many years!🙄🙄🙄😎🍺🧂

    1. So he’s untouchable now? The guy cancelled shows last year, and didn’t give a complete reason why (pretty sure we can all assume what it was, and why he doesn’t talk about it). Which is fine. Don’t charge full price for a 3/4 set.

      1. Please share with us the place you found where it stated the amount of a show in hours and songs….?

        Oh wait that’s just bitching…and there’s a cear political lean to this post to….no way this is a regular parrothead

      2. Yes. He’s untouchable. 50 years in the business and millions of fans around the world will do that for you.

    2. You really can’t be a true Parrothead if you are complaining,
      I call BS on this line, of course you can and when did Jimmy make you the Parrothead police?

    1. Always enjoy MacMcAnally and “Little Martha”.Mac is so talented in his own way and is one of Jimmy Buffett’s most trusted friends. Remember us in Ohio i.e. Riverbend or Blossom in the 2023 Tour!!! E.D.

    2. Unpopular opinion coming…

      I’d rather hear “Little Martha” again than hear Nadirah over sing her part in “Harbour” for the umpteenth time.

  5. Well cripes he’s not 20 any more! Most pp half his age do 90 mins and less!

    1. Paul McCartney is 80 by the way….and does about 2.5hrs per concert…without an opening band…..by the way

  6. It could be Jimmy has a health issue. If so, you won’t see him on the road as much which is fine. Might just be the right time for him to sail off into the sunset!

  7. It’s crazy the amount of complaining I’ve seen here and in other groups about this particular concert. It was a double headliner show, and Jimmy did a 90+ minute set.

    I’m really not sure what the issue is here.

    1. Jimmy has given us a lifetime of dreams, songs, and lifestyle. Maybe it’s time we give something back to him. Stay strong Jimmy. Parrotheads love you!

  8. Jimmy has been doing a reduced set since the Florida shows earlier this year. I was at Saturday’s show an it wasn’t the 26 song setlist he was doing before his illness, he still performed well. We did notice he seemed a little short of breath when he came out for the encore. I had never seen Jason before but thought he was a good pairing with Jimmy and the crowd was very into him. No way Jimmy draws 35k without Jason on that bill in San Diego. Overall we had a good experience for a stadium show.

  9. We saw him in Vegas in March he sounded great and played all the songs you know by heart
    Yes the show was short but the tickets were a lot cheaper than they have been in years

  10. JB, The Legend, is 76!!! Be thankful you get to enjoy him as long as he is able. I remember when candy bars were twice as big and 1/3 the cost…it is what it is. It’s a privilege to attend a JB concert! To the complainers, please let us know if you can still perform at 76 like you did at 26…36…46…56…or even 66…

    Chill and have a margarita! FINS UP!!

  11. Listening to show on Radio Margaritaville. Combine with the images i’m seeing. He was sick. The end of the road is coming for Jimmy. This could possible be the last summer. Don’t complain. Be thankful.

  12. Y’all sound like old people !!??? Oops my bad y’all is…..relax I could’ve said old white people….lol….or worse…..old spoiled Americans…..lmfao!!! I crack me up !!!

  13. Well , perhaps an intermission would help. No clue what it cost anymore to see him. I may make Riverbend, be nice if he played Louisville , Outdoors…. Cheers

  14. Jimmy can do no wrong in my opinion. Palm Springs was a great show and this was a great show too. I’m over the moon every time I see him no matter how long the set list is! He has been delivering for as long as I can remember, and I’m going to be eternally grateful! Fins UP! Jimmy, when you come back out to San Diego in July, I would love to meet you for a surf session at Pipes in Cardiff. Let’s do it.

  15. We saw Jimmy in Las Vegas back in March. It was a great show. If memory serves me right he had to cancel shows due to a broken leg and not some mysterious illness. He deserves a holiday until July.

  16. Wow. Shocking reads. If you’re not a true parrothead, don’t take a chance on a show, the $, weather, venue, tailgate, venue, portajohns…good grief! I’d go listen to JB tell a story! 30+ shows. Waiting on Summer tour announcement. Will spend big bucks! I feel like Jimmy is a friend of mine. We’ll, I did attend a live interview with the Chicago Tribune. That counts. Thanx for those that posted the sip a margarita comments. The nay sayers…just don’t go to a concert if you have no compassion. Wouldn’t want to hang out by you.

  17. A big thank you to Jimmy, Mac and Jason. A true Parrothead will always support and find the positive in every one of Jimmy’s performances. I have sat in cold, rainy and windy weather in the past to see and hear him. Jimmy never disappoints!!

  18. Happy for any Jimmy B… concert and loved Jason M as a starter… yes Jimmy cut show down but it was nice to have the concert..
    Hopefully he is back in SD in July… I’m going….

  19. I jumped on the Parrot bus to late in my life. Dang! And Alpine is only 4 miles from my home. :O(

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