Who is Jimmy Buffett’s Wife?

People Magazine has an article “Who is Jimmy Buffett’s Wife? All About Jane Slagsvol

While Jimmy Buffett may be known for his laid-back, tropical lifestyle, he’s also a family man.

The “It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere” singer has been married to his wife, Jane Slagsvol, since 1977, and together, they share three kids. The pair met in Key West, Florida, when Slagsvol was visiting the island for her college spring break. At the time, Buffet had just moved to Key West from Nashville after giving country music a try and had recently divorced his first wife, Margie Washichek; he formed the Coral Reefer Band in 1975 and was just beginning to develop his signature Caribbean rock genre.

In addition to starting a family together, Slagsvol has also been by Buffett’s side as he has built his Margaritaville empire. While the couple are very private when it comes to their relationship, Slagsvol has accompanied her husband to several red carpet events over the years, including various Margaritaville grand openings.

So, who is Jimmy Buffett’s wife? Here’s everything to know about Jane Slagsvol.

She met Buffett during spring break

Buffett and Slagsvol met in Key West, Florida, in the early ’70s. Slagsvol was a student at the University of South Carolina and had gone to the popular vacation destination for her spring break. She met Buffett at the Chart Room bar, and they had an immediate connection.

The singer told TIME magazine in 1998 that the next time he saw her, she was “wearing a tight, long pink dress that made a lasting impression on me.” They moved in together shortly after and got married in 1977.

She helped improve the Coral Reefer Band’s look

According to the biography Jimmy Buffett: A Good Life All The Way, Buffett credits Slagsvol for cleaning up his band’s “grungy look.”

She helped introduce a level of professionalism to the Coral Reefer Band by changing up their clothing — getting rid of their Levi jeans with holes, shirts without collars etc. — and making sure they looked “important” before heading out for a tour.

She and Buffett briefly split up

Buffet and Slagsvol briefly split in the early ’80s. According to TIME, Slagsvol left five years into their marriage because the partying lifestyle had become too much for her, and she needed a change.

“I’d been with Jimmy since I was a child, through the craziest times, and I didn’t have a clue who I was,” Slagsvol told the outlet. “So I left. I got sober.”

The couple reunited in 1991 and have been inseparable ever since.

She’s a mom of three

Buffett and Slagsvol are the proud parents of three kids.

Their eldest daughter, Savannah, was born on June 1, 1979, not long after the couple got married. They welcomed their second daughter together, Sarah, after their reconciliation on April 1, 1992. They then adopted their son, Cameron, who was born in 1994.

She’s constantly on the move with Buffett

Buffett and his family are always on the move, as the star owns several homes across the U.S. According to the New York Times, Buffett has homes in Palm Beach, St. Barts, Los Angeles, Waikiki and New York City.

She’s been an inspiration for some of Buffett’s music

It’s no surprise that Buffett has written at least one song for his wife. According to the biography Jimmy Buffett: A Good Life All The Way, his 1978 hit song “Come Monday” was written for Slagsvol while he was in L.A. on tour and she was back in Key West.

Buffett found himself missing her and wrote the song about that feeling. It includes lyrics like, “Come Monday, it’ll be alright / Come Monday, I’ll be holding you tight / I spent four lonely days in brown L.A. haze /And I just want you back by my side.” Slagsvol also appeared in the music video.

She’s supportive of Buffett’s career

Although Slagsvol prefers to maintain a low profile, she has accompanied her husband to several red carpet events in support of his career and his growing Margaritaville empire.

In March 2018, the couple attended the opening night of the musical Escape To Margaritaville along with their granddaughter Delaney Buffett.

Buffett and Slagsvol also stepped out for the 2023 Vanity Fair Oscar Party, where Slagsvol stunned in a sparkly floor-length dress, and Buffett wore a dark green suit jacket.

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      1. WE all know that, but apparently PEOPLE doesn’t fact check their stories enough to know that Sarah and Delaney are one and the same person. As far as I know, the Buffets don’t have any grandchildren.

        1. Same goes for Jimmy and Jane. Of course they’d know if Savannah Jane or Sarah Delaney had children but Cam is a different story.😬

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      1. Sarah Delaney Buffett is not adopted. She was born April 1, 1992 about a year after Jimmy and Jane reconciled.

        1. Yes I figured that out later as my Daughter did a lot of research and knows a lot about them. The original story botched it up pretty bad, especially since fans know here as Delaney and not Sara and they made it look like she was born around the same time as Savannah and it was years later like you noted. Then the adopted Cameron.

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