Jimmy Buffett has a cameo in Hulu’s Life & Beth

From USA Today: Amy Schumer on ‘infectious’ Jimmy Buffett, his ‘Life & Beth’ cameo as street singer

Jimmy Buffett can be seen strummin’ his six-string (and singing the song “I Will Play For Gumbo”) in the new season of “Life & Beth.” Hulu’s slice-of-life comedy, loosely based on that of star/creator Amy Schumer, features the king of carefree choruses in the second of the season’s 10 episodes (season 2 is now streaming).

Buffett died in September at 76 after a four-year battle with Merkel cell skin cancer. For his “Life & Beth” cameo, filmed in New Orleans, the “Margaritaville” singer returned to his humble beginnings of busking in the streets of The Big Easy, a city he loved.

Buffett told “CBS Sunday Morning” in a 2018 interview that he owed his career to New Orleans. “Those years being here really were formative years for me,” Buffett said. “It made me a better professional player so that I thought I could make that leap. This was my training ground for all of that.”