Former Jimmy Buffett 2004 Ford E-350 Sportsmobile for sale

From AutoEvolution: If you’re looking for a reliable American-made vehicle outfitted as a camper by one of the first American conversion van companies, here is a 2004 Ford E-350 Sportsmobile with a full four-wheel drive system and a powerful 6.0-liter V8 Power Stroke diesel engine that also has a bit of a celebrity status attached to it.

This Ford E-350 Sportsmobile 4×4 was bought new by legendary American singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett, who customized and outfitted it as an overlanding camper through Sportsmobile West a couple of years after it rolled off the factory line in 2004.

Bids are currently being accepted for Jimmy Buffett’s 2004 Ford E-350 Sportsmobile at

The venerated E-series van may be out of production, as Ford pulled the plug on this series in 2014, but the Econoline experience lives on through classic conversions like this one.

Jimmy Buffett, the man who personifies beach life, was an avid camping aficionado, and he particularly loved camper vans made by Sportsmobile. The renowned musician owned no fewer than three of them at some point in his life. He owned this particular E-350 van since it was new through to 2020, and it brought miles of smiles to his face while exploring the California and Baja coasts for surf.

Buffett’s well-preserved 2004 Ford E-350 Sportsmobile is currently offered for sale out of Denver, Colorado, with 69,000 miles on the odometer and a clean Carfax report. The current owner says he bought the vehicle directly from the renowned musician in 2020 and is now selling it with some personal belongings that are said to have been left in the van by Buffett himself. These include a hand-held margarita blender, several hats, a belt, and some DVDs.

Apart from the legendary VW Bus, a vehicle recognized by many as a symbol of freedom and adventure, van life can not possibly get more iconic than the Sportsmobile, so this is a great opportunity for anyone looking to travel the country in a bonafide camping rig.

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