Welcome to the internet’s largest Jimmy Buffett fansite. BuffettNews.com has the largest news archive, the most active and most popular fan discussion board, the largest Photo Gallery, and an easy to navigate Set List database that lets you find shows by year, by tour, by venue, by city or state.       

BuffettNews.com has been in operation since July 7th, 1997. A small team of volunteers help to moderate the discussion boards. They serve a very important role in the day to day operations of the popular discussion area.

BuffettNews.com operates based on the income generated from advertising and donations. The primary financial burden of the site is the cost of website hosting. Any income generated goes directly toward paying for the hosting fees.

Jimmy Buffett occasionally visits BuffettNews.com and has mentioned the site on Radio Margaritaville. He has said “if you want to know what I’m doing, just read BuffettNews. They seem to know before I do.”

The History of BuffettNews.com: 

July 1997 – The original site was first created on AOL and was known as “The Feeding Frenzy Page”. The site featured set lists from the Havana Daydreamin’ tour along with all of the songs requested for “Stumpo El Bando”.

September 1997 – News coverage was added to the site.

July 1998 – The BuffettNews.com domain name was first introduced.

1998 – The discussion board was first added to BN.

1998 – The Caribbean Dreams Store at BuffettNews.com opened with Caribbean Soul apparel. Although the store was successful, the owner of the site decided to close it after a couple of years to spend more time with family.

1998 – The Photo Gallery was added to the site. The photo gallery contains more photos than any other Jimmy Buffett site.

1999 – The Buffett Timeline feature was added to BN. The Timeline provides a complete biography of Jimmy Buffett’s life.

April 2001 – The discussion board software was migrated to phpbb. The new and improved forums have become the most popular Jimmy Buffett discussion board on the internet. The board now has over 20 thousand members and over 3 million messages have been posted to the forums.

2003 – Buffett News members put together a cookbook, with proceeds of over $2000 going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. “PHruitcakes In The Kitchen” was dedicated to a BN member who lost her battle with breast cancer. There were over 300 recipes submitted from Jimmy Buffett, his sister Lucy, several of the Coral Reefers, and numerous BN members.

January 2005 – “Syndicate Our News” feature was added (RSS feeds of the news stories).

January 31st, 2006 – The layout for the entire BN site was redesigned to utilize a content management system.

February 2006 – A reprint of “Phruitcakes In The Kitchen“, that contains the original recipes and 300 new recipes from Buffett News members, several recording artists, and former President Bill Clinton. Proceeds will be sent to the Friends of Caroline Hospice of Beaufort Port Royal, SC. This time it is dedicated to a BN member who lost his battle with a brain tumor.

June 1st 2006 – The Song and Set List Database was introduced. It features every song that Jimmy Buffett has done over the years, and the set list for every show since 1997.

May 2007 – The complete listing of the history of the Coral Reefer Band was added to Buffett News. It includes a cross reference to albums that members have appeared on and tours and shows that the members have performed in

April 2008 – The layout of the BuffettNews.com website was updated to it’s current format