Buffett postpones Grand Ole Opry show

A message from Jimmy Buffett:

To all Opry fans,
I would just like to say how disappointed I am that because of circumstances with the recent spikes in COVID-19, I have had to postpone my trip to Nashville to play with Mac and Brad Paisley. I have loved the Grand Ole Opry since the days I covered shows at the Ryman as a Billboard reporter on Music Row in the early 70s before I moved to Margaritaville. As soon as it is safe for me to travel back to Music City and meet up with Mac and Brad, I will come play for you. Can’t wait. See you then and keep your Fins Up. JB

Buffett appears on the Bobby Bones Show

Buffett appeared on the Bobby Bones Show: “Jimmy Buffett On The Burrito & Margarita That Inspired Margaritaville

After spending more than 5 years working on Margaritaville The Musical, Buffett started focusing on his new album. He spent two years writing the new songs and now Buffett is set to make his Grand Ole Opry debut on June 27th. Back in 1971, Buffett was a reporter for Billboard Magazine. During his time as a reporter, he covered shows several Opry shows, especially ones at the Opry. However, he only played one time with Jenny Lewis. His debut will be his first time performing on his own with friends Brad Paisley, and Mac McAnally.

Buffett continued sharing stories from his time as a reporter. He said at the time, it was “pre-outlaw” country music time. The artists on the rise were Lynn Anderson, Waylon Jennings, Dolly Parton, among others. Despite having a Journalism degree, Buffett planned on reporting being a temporary job. He says the job gave him the ability to figure things out in the music industry for his future music career.

When it came to his music career, Buffett shared his thoughts on his collaborations with Alan Jackson and Zac Brown Band. He said he felt honored that people thought of him as someone to look to when it came to “beach music.” For him, Gordon Lightfoot and Merle Haggard were the artists he looked up to and inspired to be like. As far as the song that inspired all things Buffet, “Margaritaville,” he shared when and how the song was actually written. He confirmed he started writing it in Austin, Texas. He had a burrito and margarita at a Mexican restaurant that is no longer in business, and he says it was a hot day and the margarita hit the spot. That inspired the origin of the song. From there, he was driving with some others back down to Key West, Florida when they got caught in standstill traffic. He finished the song while waiting for traffic to continue and later that night he performed the song at a bar in Key West. The audience seemed to enjoy the song and from there, the song became a life of its own.

Buffett sends video tribute to Aspen High class of 2020

From The Aspen Times: Aspen High School graduates were treated to a special graduation Saturday at Buttermilk, including a drive-in style setup and a unique lift ride to the top of the mountain to get their diploma and turn their tassels.

And just when they thought it was about over, they got another special treat Wednesday with longtime part-time local Jimmy Buffett sending along his well-wishes, a few inspiring words and an acoustic version of his song “That’s What Living is to Me.” Watch the video here.

“We need young people out there to help us turn the corner and help us on some things that we weren’t necessarily able to accomplish, me as a child of the 60s and other people beyond that,” Buffett says to the students in the video. “It’s your world out there ahead, and I have great confidence in the kids that I know and the kids that come to the shows, kids that I meet in Aspen when I’m out there that you understand this better than we did.”

Buffett joins “The View” to share a Mother’s Day surprise

From ABC.com: Deserving mothers on the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak received the surprise of a lifetime for Mother’s Day this year.

These mothers working the frontlines at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx experience firsthand how demanding life has become in the fight against COVID-19.

Eva Calo, a head nurse at Lincoln Hospital, said on “The View” that she hasn’t had time to process the death of her mother-in-law, who passed away at her hospital because there were so many other patients that needed care.

Elsie Lecour, whose been the senior client navigator at Lincoln Memorial for 17 years, has gone above and beyond to be the liaison between patients and their families during the coronavirus crisis.

“Working in the emergency room when the coronavirus started, we had a lot of family members bringing in the patients and a lot of them were concerned because they didn’t have their phones,” Lecour said. “So we provided them with the access to communicate.”

Calo and Lecour are apart of the 150 working mothers at Lincoln Hospital who were surprised by singer Jimmy Buffett to reveal an early Mother’s Day gift.

“On behalf of Margaritaville and friends and partners at Karisma Hotels & Resorts, 150 of you hard-working moms at the Lincoln Hospital are gonna get a first-rate dream vacation from Margaritaville when all this is over,” Buffett said on “The View” Friday.

Once travel restrictions are lifted, these moms and their families will receive a four-night, five-day vacation that includes luxury accommodations.

Karisma Hotels & Resorts is donating 150 more vacations to those on the frontlines and their families.