Ticket Buying Tips

Here’s some tips that I’ve put together from some past experiences with trying to get tickets from TicketMaster:

1. Find a ticket outlet in your area that will not have a huge crowd. Call up the outlet to see what time they open. Ask if they have a lottery or hand out wrist bands (ask what time you have to be there for the lottery). Most outlet are cash only, you may want to ask to make sure.

2. Most outlets now use a lottery system to determine your spot in line. They hand out numbers then they have a drawing and start with the person that has the number chosen and continue in order from there. Your best bet is to bring along several people and obtain numbers that are spread out (not consecutive). That will give you more chances at getting better tickets.

3. Bring along a cellular phone and dial the TM charge by phone number while you are waiting in line.

4. If you plan on calling from home, make sure you have a phone with speed dial. Program several TM numbers that are in your area (TM is divided into several regions and you can only get tickets for a show within a particular region). Keep in mind that some times out of state phone numbers may be blocked out for the first 10 to 15 minutes. Don’t give up, keep on dialing!!

5. Sales through the Ticketmaster Online site may not start until one hour after they are on sale via the outlets and phone (this varies, i’ve seen some shows go onsale at the TM online website at the same time they go onsale at the outlets and phone). It may be very slow because of how may other people who are trying to get tickets at the same time.

6. Asking for a smaller number of tickets will get you better seats closer to the stage. If the limit is 6 or 8 tickets, you may want to ask for several pairs of 2 tickets or 4 together.

If you are not able to get tickets try the BuffettNews Ticket Exchange