When did you get to know Jimmy?

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When did you get to know Jimmy?

Post by nycparrothead »

What are your stories on how you went from "Isn't that the Margaritaville guy?" to heading down the road of a lifetime of Parrotheadism? How many of you were Parrotheads before Margaritaville or before the term Parrothead? What was your first album?

I was deprived until the age of 20 (9 years ago) when a friend of mine made a mention of Jimmy Buffett. I asked him, "how can you listen to that country music crap?" He tried explaining that it wasn't country but "Carribean Drunk Rock N Roll". Well even though that silly "Margaritaville" song still sounded country to me it did peak my curiosity so when he offered to lend me the "Bars" CD I took it. Five days later I bought the box set and Fruitcakes and the rest is history. (I like country music now too) My only regret is that I hadn't been able (and old enough) to be a Buffett fan from the '70s. I'll bet many of you have some pretty cool stories seeing everything evolve from the beginning!

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Late high school (91-ish)

Post by Fins in Low Places »

I resisted early during my rebellious years. Growing up in Mobile, you couldn’t help but hear him and I always kind of liked the music though I would not readily admit it. I professed, and mostly did, hate anything commercial or country. I finally gave in and now have listen to anything and almost everything. I became a much bigger fan when I moved away because his music really reminds me of the area. I also really began to appreciate him for the story-teller that he is both in speech and song. I hate too that I missed the early years. The live stuff I have heard had a looser vibe which I like.

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Post by CUparrot »

I found Jimmy 10 years ago, when I was a sophomore in high school. At my high school, every year for Homecoming, the different classes compete to show their spirit and enthusiasm. Each class has a day where they decorate the entire school in a certain theme. The members of the class also dress to fit the theme, they play music over the loudspeaker in between classes, etc. Well, that year, the senior class had the theme "Margaritaville." They turned the courtyard of the high school into a beach, all dressed in bathing suits, Hawaiian shirts, etc. and played SYKBH in between classes and during lunch. I heard those songs all day long, and I had never really heard them much before. I thought it was all the coolest thing ever, so soon after, I purchased SYKBH for myself, then Feeding Frenzy, and it was all downhill from there....five years later I went to my first show, and there was certainly no turning back after that. :D

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Post by Limes&Parrots »

I became a Parrothead as a Senior in High School. (1990) I had heard Margaritaville on the radio several times. My mom told me she didn't like Jimmy Buffett because his songs were about drinking and sex. So, like any normail teenager, I went right out and bought the SYKBH Tape.

My first concert was in 1996 and from then on, I was hooked. My dad listened to a lot of country while I was growing up, so I didn't mind the country feel to JB's music. Now that I'm older, I generally listen to JB, Marley a handful of about 6-8 country artists.
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Post by ragtopW »

I was in JR high when Come Monday, and Margaritaville came out
What's funny is that I had one of those magazines that gave the lyrics
for all the hit songs and Livingston sat night was on it I knew all the words
But never heard the song on the Radio I guess KFRC never played it
I never forgot the song but I forgot who did it.
I always liked JB and listened to his songs, got married early and SHE
hated all to do with Jimmy . I DJ'ed dances and weddings for a while
and she would leave the room for M-ville or Come Monday.
Anyway She left and took the truck so after I got my ship righted.
and bought a new rig ( I still have that truck bought it new in 88')
my sister got me some tapes mostly 70's bands greatest hits
and all but in the mix was SYKBH and that tape got worn out
not too long after that I bought myself a new CD player and
the first CD I bought was of By the way BBBand B.
The Greatest joy in the whole thing is that I got to hear livingston sat night the way it was supposed to sound . Yes children all those years I
had the lyrics.loved, AND SANG the song with no earthly clue how the
song sounded . BTW I much love Jimmys version of the song.

:roll: :lol:

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Hooked on JB from the get-go

Post by carolinagirl »

Come Monday was one of the first songs I listened to closely the first time I heard it played on the radio when it was released. I was in high school and was into the Eagles, Beach Boys, etc.

When I was freshman in college (Winthrop in Rock Hill, SC) everyone I hung out with (cafeteria workers, mostly) was into Jimmy, my best friend/roommate/co-worker especially. There was a guy who looked EXACTLY like Jimmy Buffett, and she called him "JB" every time he came through the food line. He didn't know who we were talking about, but he was cool. When he ordered pizza, he said he wanted 'shrooms and 'roni. This was in 1976-77 when no one else talked like that.

Finally saw JB in concert in 1981 in Columbia, S.C., with my soon-to-be ex-boyfriend. Memorable songs were "Fins to the Left," first time he sang "I Wish I had a Pencil Thin Moustache," and "Margaritaville." He had his first broken leg, and he sang "broke my leg" instead of "hurt my heel." I realized then, this guy is really clever, the way he changes his lyrics around. Also, Pencilthin was kind of an out-there, not very 70s type of song, so I thought he's comfortable enough to not fit the mold. Got Hooked! Saw him in Columbia again last February. Glad he's back touring in SC again.

Got my hubby hooked in 1987 on our first trip to Key West, playing Coconut Telegraph tape. He'd always thought of JB as that Margaritaville drunk guy. Now, he's a bigger fan than me, playing JB and Marley on the CD all day. He introduced me to this board! Thanks for asking....Sorry for rambling...

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Post by KeyLimin »

carolinagirl......that must have been his second broken leg because he had a big ol' cast on his leg at my first concert in 1978.

Awhile ago I started a similar thread on my Parrothead club message board, so I will just copy and paste my story from there.


Once upon a time a long time ago...1978...I went on vacation to Daytona Beach. I was joining my brother for the last few days of his vacation there, then planned to stay several more days on my own after he left. 8)

My brother got to know the lifeguard at the hotel a little bit before I came down and upon my arrival I ended up meeting and hanging out with him for the rest of my stay. He was a HUGE Buffett fan and was definately living the lifestyle as a part-time college student and working at/on the beach. He played Buffett music constantly and got excited whenever the new Cheeseburger in Paradise song came on the radio. Cheeseburger in Paradise?!?!?! Prior to this I only vaguely knew about 'that Margaritaville song.'


About a month after coming home I received a notice from Pine Knob (I had season tickets at the time) about a Jimmy Buffett concert coming up. I figured I needed to go check this Buffett guy out. I ordered a couple tickets and talked a girlfriend into going along.

This is long before there was any such thing as a 'Parrothead.' If there were a fair number of people wearing tropical shirts and flip-flops, it was because that was pretty common attire in 1978. Pine Knob was far less than half full. After hobbling out on stage in his full-leg cast, the first thing he did was invite the folks on the lawn to come down to try and fill the pavilion. Some did but it still was far from full.

This concert was his last stop before heading to Atlanta to record his 'You Had to Be There' album. So basically that album was exactly the concert we heard. Having a musician/performer actually talk to the audience and tell stories was VERY uncommon back then. At most they might announce a song title or two. It only took a few songs to figure out this was different. 'God's Own Drunk' totally cracked us up. I remember turning to my friend and saying, "This is more like a big private party than a concert!"

I left that day thinking it was the most 'fun' concert I had ever been to. I still feel that way. So....thank you Kevin Connolly....where ever you are...for introducing me to this madness. I hope you are still enjoying Buffett's music as much as I am. :D
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Post by Banana Wind »

I must say that I've only been a big fan for about a year. My dad listened to Buffett a lot (and still does!) and I remember thinking that his music was pretty good, but I wasn't that interested until I began hearing more and more of his stuff. Finally I began buying his albums, like "Riddles In the Sand" and "Feeding Frenzy" and I think from there the rest explains itself. I went with my dad to my first concert back in April and it's an experience I'll never forget! :D
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Post by Just a parakeet »

I was in highschool (1990 we'll say) and heard some song about being drunk and screwing. My 15 year old mind said
I think I got the tape of SYKBH.

Then he went away for a while. then, late one Sunday night, I had the radio on. The old WNEW in NYC had on Idiot's Delight. It was an odd show about music and such. I scanned past it and some author was talking about how Jimmy had taken up writing and he found it amusing that a successful songwriter would call him to complain about how hard it was to write. So, it was summer and I was bored, so I picked up Tales from Margaritaville at the library. Cool...listened to the tape a few more times.

Jump to about 1995 and a coworker of my then fiance (now wife) gave her his entire tape collection. I rifled through it and scored Feeding Frenzy. Heard One Particular Harbour...Got more interested. Took Where is Joe Merchant out of the library. Though Desdemona was nuts.

Went dormant again...listened to James Taylor and Barenaked Ladies.

Got Pirate Looks at 50 for Christmas in, what was it 1998? Loved it and became obsessed with it. Dreamed of Costa Rica.

Got BBB&B for my birthday in 2001 I think. Kinda listened to it for a little while.
Got Tue,Thur,Sat somewhere along the line.
Got several Hawaiian shirts
Read PLA50 a few more times
Winter of 2001 through Summer 2002 had BAD traffic. I needed something to soothe my nerves as I sat and sat and sat. Had a new car with a CD player...brought it along and wore the hell out of it.
Kept listening.
Listened to him while sitting on the back deck of a cruise ship watching the deep blue waters of the open ocean go past.
Drove wife crazy.
Listened more.
Read all books several more times.
Had a daughter and appreciated the books even more.
Got Don't Stop the Carnival. Decided that reading about Norman was enough for me.

It's now 2003 and here I am. I'm still a keet, but I'm happy with that. The man's music and lifestyle make me happy. He makes me want to be a better father. He makes me want to be a better writer. He's going along with me to St John next summer to celebrate my 30th. I'm dancing to Tin Cup Chalice somewhere in 202? with my daughter. She claps along to the stereo when he's on. (She's 15 months old)
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Post by Big Red Parrothead »

I was a bit of a late bloomer. I'd gotten SYKBH when I was in college, but nothing further than that. But my roommate in grad school was a big parrothead, and the first time I heard "The Weather is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful", I fell hook, line and sinker.

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Post by SMLCHNG »

1996. :D :D 8) 8) :P :P

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Post by CRC Parrothead »

I was raised on Buffett. My dad was and still is a huge Parrothead and he started me on Buffett music very early on. Even took me to my first concert, The Somewhere Over China Tour, when I was 6 years old. I was dancing in the aisles! I can still remember riding around in his old Volvo listening to the SOASOAS album... he had the album (he had every album, but for some reason that one stands out as an early memory) and dubbed a tape so we could listen to it on the road! :lol: Real good sound quality with all the record pops and hisses, I'm sure! Anyway, went to 2 more shows with dad and then in 1994 I ventured down to Dallas and realized what went on before a Buffett show in the parking lots... :o Wow! Saw 2 shows in 2001, 3 in 2002, and 6 so far this year with plans for 2 more this year... I think I'm finally getting the hang of this Parrothead thing!
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Post by Sidew13 »

2000. My wife, mom, dad, and I went on a trip to Key West and Daytona. I heard of the Buffett connection and it sparked my interest in Buffett. Then we went to Sea World. In the Key West section(dolphins, manatees), they had music piped in. 100% Buffett. The rest is history. Going back in Oct. for MOTM.
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Post by creeky »

1986 - I went to a local pub with some friends and one of their friends was playing solo. He played a few Buffett tunes - is a big fan, so I bought SYKBH. I liked it, then Buffett toured Australia in 87/88 and I went to a concert here in Newcastle and that was it. I was hooked. Bought more cd's as I came across them (not so readily available out here).

I got my computer about 4-5 years ago and went hunting around different Buffett sites. I put a posting on ParrotRepublic newsletter looking for fellow Aussie parrotheads. I got a few, but got mainly curious Americans wanting to email an Aussie. One of those was someone who along with his wife, would come to be lifelong friends.

I was struggling financially, and they had come in to some money, so offered to pay half my airfare from Australia to Vegas and would get me a ticket to a Buffett concert as well and I was to meet them there as well as a few other friends that he had introduced me to in the email world. I scrounged up enough cash (think I took out a loan) to pay my share and went to Vegas!

From there, this whole world has just opened and I travel to the USA each year to visit some very close friends that I love dearly and miss very much! I have been lucky that I get to see the USA and stay in homes of friends and get to experience the American way of life.

I truley have been blessed to have found this life!

122 sleeps till I fly out to the USA for this years trip! :D

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Post by SmartWomaninShortSkirt »

My friend brought me to a concert at the Jersey Shore in 1988. The only song I knew going in was Volcano (not even Margaritaville). But I had such a blast (and met a cute boy!) and bought SYKBH. A few years later, another concert, and I added Feeding Frenzy to the collection. Soon after, I bought BBB&B, and that really got me hooked b/c I realized the depth of Jimmy's music, and I especially liked the "Ballads" CD.

In about 1993, I started going to the concerts about 1x/year, and would listen to the music for about the month leading up to and the month after the concert, but then go back to more varied types of music.

But as I've gotten older, and particularly in the past 2 years, I've learned to appreciate the message behind the music more. I use it to escape a job that would otherwise be intolerable. Jimmy ALWAYS brings a smile to my face. When I am listening to his voice, I know that nothing can be that bad. When I am stuck at work at midnight, listening to Jimmy makes it bearable. Now, I consider myself a full-blown PH - I listen to Jimmy when I go running, on my walk to work, when I'm at work, when I get home... The message and the music has a perspective that the people I interact w/ on a daily basis utterly lack, and I stay grounded.

My hobbies have also taken on a Buffettesque flavor. I took up scuba diving and sailing. I also daydream about trips to the Caribbean, and all of my vacations in the past 5 years have been to islands (in fact, I've made it a rule that I will only go to an island). When the pressure at work gets really bad, I remember that this job enables me to travel, to sail, to dive, to pay 3x face value for the tix - it makes it worthwhile! :lol:

(By the way, I know that I sound like a big whining baby - I'm sorry but work has been particularly rough these past 2 weeks! :cry: )
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Post by pfopma »

I've been a fan since the 70s. Always like Come Monday but never bought any Buffett albums. Then in 1977 while vacationing on a trip to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas I heard Margaritaville nonstop on the radio. It was EVERYWHERE that summer. Country stations, Rock, Top 40. I thought it was an OK song with a great hook but never looked any further. When I got home I heard CILCIA on WNEW one day and something clicked. I just thought it was such a great song and one I could identify with. (It is STILL my favorite Buffett song). I bought the CILCIA album and saw Buffett in concert at the Garden State Arts Center (aka PNC Banck ). I've been going to shows and buying albums/CDs ever since. The first time I noticed the Parrothead phenomenon taking off was at a show in NJ at the Great Gorge Ski area. Hawaiian shirts and leis everwhere and giant inflatable space shuttles bouncing around the audience (Somewhere Over China had just been released). For a long time I hated the term Parrothead and made it a point NOT to wear the uniform to concerts (I had enough of uniforms in Catholic School). Then I found out about PHiP and all the great charity work that the organization did and it made it a little easier to warm up to the name. I eventually joined 2 PHiP chapters and have attended MOTM a few times. I have introduced many friends to Buffett over the years and most of my family has been indoctrinated (I am still working on one brother-in-law). I didn't get to meet Jimmy in person until 2001 at the last East Hampton show.


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I remember one time at White Water (a waterpark in Branson, MO) and they played Margaritaville and I liked it and asked my brother who sang it and he said Jimmy Buffett. I, being under 11 at the time asked "who is Jimmy Buffett."

Nothing happened til around my freshman year of high school when I started hanging out with a friend who had been a Parrothead for a longtime and his dad has been one for a long time. I bought SYKBH off eBay and loved all those songs, then advanced to Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays Live, then Barometer Soup, Fruitcakes and found out that Jimmy has so many good songs and that the majority of the ones I like the most arent on SYKBH. Went to first concert in St Louis in 2000 and have been to Chicago and Dallas since then. Will be at Chicago this year

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I was driving home from a family reunion out of state, when my dad played Last Mango In Paris. Then I went to the "who is this guy" stage, and after I got the boxed set for Chirstmas, and went to my first and only(but not for long) concert, I was a Parrothead for sure :D :D :D
But I really wish I could have been a PH at about 5, so I could go to the Buckeye Lake concerts, those would have been so amazing!
and Jimmy theres still so much to be done...
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Post by carolinagirl »

KeyLimin wrote:carolinagirl......that must have been his second broken leg because he had a big ol' cast on his leg at my first concert in 1978.
Never knew that... later I'd hear him sing broke my leg twice, so I thought the first time I saw him was his first break. Thanks for the trivia, KeyLimin!

BTW, I got some key limes in my fridge a lady gave me at Sloppy Joe's last Thursday night. They're so good over shrimp!

Saw Key West on Food Network tonight, right after watching JB (Austin City Limits) on CMN. Missed Alan Jackson's video debut last Saturday, but trying to catch a rerun.

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Post by Brown Eyes »

It was 8 years ago.... a handsome parrothead dubbed me his Brown Eyed Girl. He gave me a copy of Off to See the Lizard and the book Tales from Margaritaville. He believed then in Boomerang Love.... I wish I knew if he still did.
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