Got a call from Sirius Radio!!!!!!

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I have found me a home
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Post by pfopma »

Megan - congratulations!!

I have found me a home
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Post by nvparrothead »

SWEET! Have a great time. :D
Tonight I just need my guitar.

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Post by markruble »

Great to hear Megan won. We will all be listening to the show. I hope you have a wonderful time!!!!
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Congrats on your win Megan. :D

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July 10th!!! Crap!!!! Thats the day I had surgery. Boy oh Boy When I'm hopped up on pain killers that the Doc gave me. I sound just like Jimmy, Fingers and Amy Lee all rolled up in one! Now if I could only get the stitches out.
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Post by mcm »

nicely done megs

say hi to jimmy for me

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Post by BCDurbin »

Congrats Megan - I just heard on Sirius on the way home tonight! They mentioned all your support on too!! - BCD

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