Jimmy's coming back next year!!!

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jonesbeach10 wrote:Trying to make sense of all these "I'll be back next year" quotes, I've tried to rationalize it and here's what I came up with:

Jimmy has such a great time on stage, interacting with the crowd, etc. that he would LOVE to come back next year, and in the moment he says he'll be back. However, when he's planning shows the logistics in getting back to the venue or city don't work out. Another possibility I've thought of is that the venue doesn't want Jimmy back because of tailgating, and the headache it could cause for the venue.

So I'm going to be naive and say if it was up to Jimmy and it was a perfect world, he would always be back next year. :D

Cincinnati Loves Him and he Loves Cincinnati....
So I'm hoping were good for a few more years !!!!!!!!
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