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Post by Bubbaphan »

:pirate: :pirate: :pirate: YAY!!! :pirate: :pirate: :pirate:

Thanks!!! That's the first time I've seen it...
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Post by habourgirl »

MacPhin wrote:did anyone else notice that this isn't the same video that played at the concerts ( at least the 2 i have seen so far)? it's close but not exactly the same.
my source tells me they've been tweaking it at every show to add some good footage they get that day of the show. He's pretty reliable. I believe him.... And it's true. Every concertn I've gone to this year has been a little different.

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Post by nvparrothead »

Thanks for sharing!!!! AWESOME. :D
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Post by Nina »

Hey, thanks! :)
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Post by LittleMrMagic »

I love the video as well, but I also think it is one of the best songs off (not on) the new CD. I would love to get a studio quality copy of this song. So, maybe to the guy that posted in on YouTube, maybe to any other tech savvy Phriends could help me. . . I own the CD, do any of you know how to strip the video (preferably so I can watch it on my iPod) and second, I really would just like a mp3 version of it for the same purposes. Thanks!

Phinz! See ya in Vegas on the 28th!!
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Post by backbeat »

Hey, nomad. Someone has made that HWA mp3 available (from another thread). Of course, it goes without saying that the righteous parrothead would buy or download the album, too, like nomad has.

PostPosted: October 10, 2006 8:38 pm
Here you go Parrotheads: ... e.mp3.html
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Post by purpleskye »

Just watched it that was awesome THANKS!!! [smilie=coolup.gif]



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Post by telnform »

That is a great video ... i like it

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Post by Jason Mason »

~Hippolyte~ wrote:That's the one, that's what I saw at Shoreline way back in April. I LOVE IT!!!

so now, I'll go buy it!!! thanks Jimmy, for all the years, all the tears, the joys and great times!!!

oh, and thanks to you too, ~Parrot Bay~
I love the pic of the watch!
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Post by parrotheadbilly »

Thank you so much for posting that video!!! Just saw it and was SHOCKED to see my buddy and I in it. The line "where evryone uses your bathroom" That's us coming out of our "outhouse" at Greatwoods 1997. Definitely gives goosebumps and brings a tear. THANK YOU!!!
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