Coconut Telegraph?

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Coconut Telegraph?

Post by Burgerflickle »

Is this something that you get delivered to you or just email updates? If it is delivered, where do i sign up for it?

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Post by CoronaMargaritahead »

i filled it out at the margaritaville store in charleston

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Post by Cincy'sOwnDrunk »

You can sign up online at margaritaville site. You're suppose to buy something in order to continue to receive it or pay $10.00 for yearly subscription.

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Post by ejr »

You can usually read it online at You get a one year subscription if you order something from them.
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Post by Quiet and Shy »

ejr wrote:You can usually read it online at You get a one year subscription if you order something from them.
Apparently that's only if you order from the KW store. I've ordered from other stores online before and never got a subscription. My mom ordered one thing once from the KW store online and got a subscription. :-? :lol:
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Post by RainTree »

I signed up at the website and started getting them in the mail. I've ordered from KW and other stores. But after I ordered, the mailings stopped. Can't figure out how they do it.

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Post by chippewa »

Seems like I get a few issues, then it stops, then I'll get a few scattered issues. :-?
Always seem to get the Christmas shopping season issue, though. :lol:

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Post by Mo2 »

I got one once in the mail like at least 6 years ago probly more. Never got one since!
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Post by LivingOutMy2ndChance »

I've been getting them off and on since the beginning ... you could call up a guy named Marty in Key West and he'd actually tell you what was going on, change your address on your "subcription" if you moved and let you know if Bubba got your Merry Birthday present. That was a LONG time ago.

Now there seems to be no rhyme or reason to when they come out or whether or not I get one.
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Post by OttoCal »

We sometimes get 2 copies (same address, different names), and they arrive weeks or months apart for the same issue. I sign up online about once a year, and my SO buys me something for Christmas every year, so I guess that covers us for subscriptions.

Got one last week. 8)

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Post by FFLooksAt40 »

I have to agree with some of you, I believe buying for Key West is the key. I have bought several items from other MV online without staying on the mailinglist. My wife only bought 1 item several years ago from KW and still gets the telegraph. Oh well not a big deal

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Post by JustDucky »

Mailboat Records has seemingly taken over releasing the printed versions of Coconut Telegraph seeing that a new one never comes out.

And the online one is older than the moon. It never seems to be updated with anything as recent as, oh, 1995.

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Post by springparrot »

We got one last week

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Post by JustDucky »

Oh. Well then I guess Mailboat hasn't taken over.

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Post by Caribbean Soul »

springparrot wrote:We got one last week
So did we ... :D

They come fairly regularly - or so it seems to me, anyway.
I can't remember when (or even how) I started the subscription :oops: but keeping it going has never been a problem! :lol:
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