Something Special This Summer?

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Re: Something Special This Summer?

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PetalMel wrote:
Hockey Mon wrote:Oh, and I am waiting for him to play Ace of Spades, a cover of a Motorhead song.

That is the only Motorhead song I know and if it weren't for the tv show "The Young Ones" I wouldn't know that one :) LOL I love that show, brings back great memories of college....
I've got an album, yes a vinyl album, No Remorse. I need to digitize it becasue it is awesome. Aside from Ace of Spades, it has Stay Clean, No Class, Killed by Death, Too Late Too Late, We ar the Road Crew, Steal your face and a most excellent cover of Louie Louie. That album rocks.
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Re: Something Special This Summer?

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Irish Parrot wrote:For me,going to the Paris shows each year we get to hear a few you wouldnt ordinarily hear Stateside so thats good but I WOULD love him to do Coast Of Marseilles or When The Coast Is Clear.
Ooh. Good ones.

And, while I agree with the person who said he should just cover his own songs, (Great idea) several people have mentioned which ZBB songs he should sing. I must say, I really loved when Jimmy & ZBB did Free & Into the Mystic on Crossroads.


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