Concert Ending at Camden

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Re: Concert Ending at Camden

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Yeah, it was one of the acoustic private shows. I think before presents to send you
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Re: Concert Ending at Camden

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he plays the same songs every show, he may as well start wearing the same outfit every show too....oh, wait. Never mind.

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Re: Concert Ending at Camden

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A reminder of why "farewell" tours aren't always such a good idea and why I have such great admiration for artists such as R.E.M. that refused to take part in them. That said, I don't know how the Eagles escaped inclusion on the list unless they're on the Rolling Stone payroll (they do warrant a brief mention in the opening paragraph but that's it). Meanwhile, Cream makes the list despite the fact that they've only performed two concerts since disbanding.

10 'Farewell' Tours That Didn't Stick
Members of the biggest bands ever to return from retirement on why they quit – and why they came back

(Clayton Call/Redferns)

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