Disappointed :(

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Disappointed :(

Post by Missydv »

As I sang and danced at my first Jimmy concert in March of 1978 in Davenport, Iowa, I had no idea what a big part of my life Jimmy would become. I've been to 50 plus concerts, made parrothead friends, joined clubs and bought more Buffett merchandise than I care to admit to my family. Our vacations were planned based on concert dates and locations. I've been to Key West many, many times. I've hunted down Shrimpboat Sound, been to Fantasty Fest, Meeting of the Minds and every location I could think of from various songs and album covers. Needless to say, I'm sure all you fellow parrottheads have done the same so I know I'm just one of many devoted fans.
So my questions is this, are you becoming disillutioned with the "industry" that is now Jimmy? I just hung up from the call from Wyndham Vacation Club--I've been called 5 times in the last 4 days. Really Jimmy?? Really? I think back to that guy on stage in 78 who sang he didn't want the fame that brings confussion, the bad-boy who used drugs and alchol, the moustached singer my parents would never approve of, and it makes me sad to see that the man I fell in love with has become something he used to rebel against. I know we have all changed and sacrificed our youthful ideals and principals in order to become functioning adults so maybe that's just how everything ends up being, but it really makes me sad to see how far Jimmy has sold himself out. By telling these time share selling people to please quit calling me I can't help but feel like I'm really saying I'm quitting Jimmy too. I don't want that to happen, I've loved him so much, but I'm starting to feel more like a customer than a fan.
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Re: Disappointed :(

Post by lime rickie »

It's almost as if you could have not signed up for some promotional stuff. Or replied to the first call or message and indicated 'not interested' and that would have been the end of it.
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Re: Disappointed :(

Post by FinsUp6835 »

They called me too...

They said I signed up for something at a concert and thats why they called. I said I wasn't interested in anything yet and I haven't heard from them since.

As far as the Margaritaville business side - it's all a matter of perspective. I happen to like and really enjoy 90% of the items. If you see it as Jimmy "selling out" then that is your opinion. However, it seems that many artists today are going down this path. Zac Brown, Kenny Chesney, Toby Keith, Kiss, The Rolling Stones, - I think what stands out the most with Jimmy is that he is selling a lifestyle and not just his name whereas the others are (I guess Kenny has a similar sell). I also think it makes him still relevant - if it wasn't for his business "success" I am not sure how much we would be seeing of Jimmy.

Also, based on your post and seeing Jimmy's Facebook, I don't think he is telling people to call you. Looks like he has been traveling the world over the past month and enjoying his life and business success. But, i do think it is all about perspective.

Fins up!
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Re: Disappointed :(

Post by RainTree »

I am a fan of his thoughts and words - both in music and prose. Been to two concerts, and that was enough for me since I'm not much into drinking and partying. Been to several Margaritaville restaurants and stores. Bought several things, but fewer as the years go by. I'm just going to enjoy what I like and not support what I don't. It's always an individual choice. [smilie=battingeyes.gif]

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Re: Disappointed :(

Post by 2muchcoffeeman »

I remind you of the 9 stages …

http://gufifut.hegewisch.net/parrot_cen ... tages.html

(I’m pretty sure I first saw that link on the COB,O … which is ironic, to say the least.)
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Re: Disappointed :(

Post by Missydv »

Holy cow, that is soooo true. I'd never seen the 9 stages before. That completely hits the nail on the head. My jaw dropped when I started reading it and just hung there for a few minutes after I finished. I came in my earlier than SYKBH, but I still fit all of them. Oh no, I'm a stero-type. Thanks for the funny spin, it made me feel better about things!
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Re: Disappointed :(

Post by palmettopirate »

The 9 stages may be valid but what it boils down to is akin to politics. When people are starting out, whether in business or politics, they seem to treat their constituents a little different than when they achieve a certain level of success. Oh they still talk a good game. Some actually completely forget their roots and what got them there. Before you jump to conclusions "I'm" not accusing Jimmy of that.
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Re: Disappointed :(

Post by jbfins »

I just got back from a 7 day vacation down at the Atlantis Resort in Nassau Bahamas. The new Margaritaville Restaurant is across the street. The food is mediocre and the place does not have the feel of the places in Key West or New Orleans. But they do have tire swings, a shark fin pool and an amazing staff that was friendly. (I also note for anyone who is a Celiac like me and my kids, they go out of their way to make things gluten free.)

Long story short, as I sat in my chair drinking an Incommunicado watching my younger daughter swim in the pool, I realized that I was just happy to be in the place. I did not care that lunch cost me well over $200 or that no one else cared that very few Jimmy Buffett songs played over the music system.

Yes, the commercial aspect of the franchise bothers me a little. But I'd rather have had the experience with my kids at a tourist trap then not have it at all. Could it be better? Absolutely. But I will take what is given.
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Re: Disappointed :(

Post by zippy »

Jimmy always says "I love my job!" at concerts - In my opinion, he does alot of good, employs tons of folks, gives to charities etc. and he continues to make people happy all over the world. It doesn't bother me that he's expanded his "empire" - Go Jimmy Go! For folks who just lead a normal life, watching Jimmy in Cuba or wherever he pops up next is cool! I've been listening to his music and going to his concerts since seventies and "still manage a smile."

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Re: Disappointed :(

Post by doxadive »

Why is it ok for someone to graduate college, get a job, leave for a better paying job, leave that for an even higher paying job, leave that for a title and even more money but they are not selling out, but for an artist to do it they are hypocritical asses?

The reason why there is an "empire" is because so many people wanted a piece of that lifestyle that is being sold. Is Mungo Jerry a sell out? How about Steely Dan? No, they didnt have a lifestyle that people wanted to buy because they couldnt afford to actually live it. P

People say the same thing about Howard Stern. He and Jimmy aren't sell outs, they are business men who evolved over time and actually were able to grow their businesses when everything around them was changing and shrinking.

You dont want the commercialism of Jimmy, you should have never bought that first t-shirt.
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Re: Disappointed :(

Post by msu#1 »

I just hate it so much when I go to the grocery store and some transgendered margaritaville employee forces me to buy a bunch of Jimmy Buffett stuff that I dont want, then they make me go on vacation to his stores and hotels........why are you doing this to us Jimmy Buffett, why?

I remember when we were fans not prisoners and tortured by that terrorist.

seriously........what the hell is happening with parrotheads this week? :roll:
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Re: Disappointed :(

Post by tgatorglass »

I believe that the lack of music, food and drinks have affected everyone as of late.
Please, everyone take Wednesday off this week and have a private tailgating event in your driveway.
Back to the basics as they say. Coconut bras, shark fins and margaritas!
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Re: Disappointed :(

Post by sonofabeach »

It doesn't bother me. Don't like it, don't buy it.
It's still about the music to me. He may not release an album except every few years, but dude's almost 70, so I can cut him some slack on that.
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Re: Disappointed :(

Post by Bucarader »

sonofabeach wrote:It doesn't bother me. Don't like it, don't buy it.
It's still about the music to me. He may not release an album except every few years, but dude's almost 70, so I can cut him some slack on that.
I agree with this 100%! I haven't been to a Margaritaville in nearly twenty years. But I do go to one concert each year, buy a t-shirt for everyone in the family, buy CDs when they are released, and download the show that I attend when it is posted.

That's enough for me. But I do see the appeal of the restaurants, casinos and hotels to some - but it just isn't for me.

I still immensely enjoy his music.
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