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For Dog Lovers

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This is supposedly a true story told by an old doctor who used to make house calls.

One day I was called to the home of a sick patient. I drove to the house, parked out front, and walked up the sidewalk to the front door. There was a large frisky dog that greeted me on the front stoop. I knocked on the door while the dog was jumping up on me. When the mother of the patient opened the door I went in and the dog pushed in beside me. I was led to the sick room. The dog followed. While examining the sick child the large animal jumped on the bed and began walking around on the bed and licking the patient. I wondered why the mother wouldn't control the dog and frankly was a little upset about the ordeal. I held my tongue even though the dog was in the way. Anyway I finished my exam, wrote a prescription, and told the Mother that the child should be alright in a few days.

I exited the house happy to be leaving and still in disbelief that the Mother never even attempted to control the dog.

But as I was walking down the sidewalk toward my car the Mom opened the front door. She had the big dog by the collar and yelled, "Hey doc, you forgot your dog."
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