New Album "License to Chill" - Lyrics are here

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Great Job on the Lyrics. In "Conky Tonkin'", I believe the word beacon? is actually VEGAN, as in Vegan food, which is a type of vegatarian, i believe. Hope that helps!
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Great Covers

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JB's covers of Back to the Island, Boats to Build and Cockburn's "Anything, Anytime, Anywhere" are great. Rpbert's pans really fill in the Boats to Build cut. This is the third album in a row that JB have covered a Bruce Cockburn song - great job JB! :D
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Last post was July 19, 2004!!!!!


Think it's time to peel off the "sticky"????????????????????????????????

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tryin' to reason wrote:Last post was July 19, 2004!!!!!


Think it's time to peel off the "sticky"????????????????????????????????

:wink: 8) :pirate:
Caught me off guard at first, too, but then I noticed that it's been edited to add the lyrics. :wink:

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Re: New Album "License to Chill" - Lyrics are here

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I know it's a bit late, but I finally bought 'License to Chill' on Amazon :D
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