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Re: Back to it MONDAY @ the MSC

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Shrimper Dan P wrote: September 11, 2017 9:00 pm Hi everybody. Glad Jack is ok. We are good too because we didn't get the Cat 4 impact that was forecast, more like a Cat 1 or 2. Minor damage, trees down and many stripped of 30-60% of leaves and palm fronds. :cry: Never lost power but 76% of Palm Beach county did, we were fortunate, but that means many traffic signals are out. Some streets are flooded. Keeping the shutters up since hurricane Jose is east of the Bahamas and the track is uncertain....kinda like Irma, too many days away to predict. Thanks everybody for your concern. BN'ers are awesome.
Good to hear good news from you. Happy you are ok and we are all ready to get back to a new and better normal. These storms in life can sure change things.

Fins up to all. Ready to head down to my beach when the Coast Is the meantime sending love and care.
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