Sail on, Dick Dale

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Sail on, Dick Dale

Post by Bicycle Bill »

Dale Dale, King of the Surf Guitar, passed away 3/16/2019.
Sail (and rock) on.

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Re: Sail on, Dick Dale

Post by SeattleParrotHead »

Sail on sir. He was 81 years old.

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Re: Sail on, Dick Dale

Post by Dr.Corona »

Absolutely love Surf Guitar!!
For almost 10 years I kept saying "I need to go see him" play the local club!
Stupid me to drop the ball on this one.

Sail On Double D...
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Re: Sail on, Dick Dale

Post by dnw »

Sail on, Dick.


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Re: Sail on, Dick Dale

Post by Rabbitz »

Although there was far more to Dick Dales "Surf Rock" sounds, undoubtedly he did more for sales of Spring Reverb units than just about anyone else.

A classic Aussie Band - The Atlantics owed much of their success and sound to Dale. They originally recorded this track (Bombora) in 1963, here they reprise it in my old surf club in 2007.

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Re: Sail on, Dick Dale

Post by skou »

I wasn't aware of Dick, but I DO remember that

Sail on, Dick!


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