phin power for my grandmother--another UPDATE p.2

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phin power for my grandmother--another UPDATE p.2

Post by CUparrot »

Can I request some phin power for my 89-year-old grandmother? She's in the hospital now with an intestinal blockage (a problem she's had before, but never this bad). The surgeon says she is too frail to have surgery and he doesn't want to operate under any circumstances. The details of what they're doing to fix it are kinda gross, but suffice it to say she's in a lot of pain and if they cannot fix this....well, it could be bad.

So please, send some phin power if you can. A couple of years ago I requested some phin power for her for a spot they found on her lungs. Turned out to be benign and sort of just I know it can help.
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Post by poohbear1324 »

((((((CUparrot and grandmother)))))
:( :(

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Post by SchoolGirlHeart »

loads of prayers and phin power coming from Rhode Island!
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Post by balcony girls »

. .eyes scrunched really, really tight to make it work better. . ! !

. . phin power to you and your sweet Gramma . .! !

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Post by SMLCHNG »

Hoping for the very best from Colorado!! :( :(

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Post by UAHparrothead »

Mega prayers from TN

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Post by conched »

Prayers for comfort and strength for you and your grandma and guidance for those helping her.

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Post by fruityparrothead »

PHINS UP!!!!!!!!! Prayers said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Post by tikitatas »

Comfort and thoughts coming from Nova Scotia.

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phin power

Post by cocotel »

You got it CUparrott from NC for your grandma and your family!!!!!!

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Post by nutmeg »

Much north coast phin power on the way!
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Post by ragtopW »

Phin power from the Gem state..

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Post by springparrot »

You got it!

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Post by jimolliemom »

More TN prayers for you and Grandma!
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Post by ToplessRideFL »

Florida phin power coming at you and gran........

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Post by NYCsharkling »

FULL FIN POWER headin your way!!

I'm dealing with some grandmother stuff right now also... :(

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Post by tdparrothead »

I'm sending my phin power your way...
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Post by comtnfish »

more Rhode Island phin power heading your way!!

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Post by Wino you know »

Prayers & phin power to your grandmother from Iowa.
Keep us posted, please.
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Post by Dally »

Lots of love, hugs, prayers, and PHIN Power heading to you and your grandmother. :(

(((((((((((((((CU, grandmother, and family)))))))))))))
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