Sail on Grandma Nortman...

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Sail on Grandma Nortman...

Post by Paradise »

My husbands Grandma passed away yesterday. 4 weeks ago she was driving, going to breakfast at the senior center with her friends and looking forward to a cruise this summer with her grandkids and great grandkids!!! 3 weeks ago she became ill and was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that had spread to her liver. Mercifully, pancreatic cancer is usually quick and hers was. Through it all, she was a trooper. Her biggest concern over the past 3 weeks was that she would "ruin" the cruise for everyone. She also had wanted to pay for several snorkeling trips and when we told her not o worry about that, she made us write down that her money was to go for these excursions. All of her family came down last week and she got to visit with each of us. She loved broaches and divided hers up amongst all of the granddaughters and great granddaughters. She got her affairs in order and said that she was looking forward to seeing her husband and a daughter who had gone before her. And then, she was ready to go. She quietly slipped away, with much dignity, the same way she lived her life.
What I will miss most is her wisdom and experience in times of turmoil. When my 18 year old daughter was talking about marriage, the whole family was panicked. Grandma pulled me aside and quietly stated " You know, there are a lot worse things kids can be doing than getting married." She was right. Today they are happily married and doing great. Thank you, Grandma, for the advise. She was also ready to tell a story any time she could find someone to listen. She moved from Wisconsin to Boise, Idaho in 1946 with her husband and young children and loved to tell the story of how they just packed up and moved across the country, driving a 1932 truck and pulling a 21 foot trailer!! Her stories gave insight into her adventerous, strong spirit that belied her sweet, gentle nature!
Sail on, Grandma... You will be missed.
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Post by prrthd1987 »

Sail on, Grandma Nortman. Thank you for having such a positive impact on so many people who love you greatly.

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Sail On Grandma.......

I went through this with my grandmother 2 months's still hard for me to deal at times, but it's getting better.....

Stay strong! :(

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Sail on Grandma Nortman..Peace to your Family...

Grandma's are the absolute best, aren't they??

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Sail on, wise lady!

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Sail on, Grandma Nortman.

I could only hope to be so wise one day.
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Post by Sam »

Sail on To a Grand Dame and wise woman in the truest sense of the words. She sounds like a most remarkable remarkable woman. You will be missed here, but evidently your mission here was completed, and you were needed more elsewhere. God Bless!!!
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Just went through the same thing recently. I empathize with you and your family. God bless.

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Sail on...............

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Woman going crazy on Caroline street
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sail on grandma and phin power to the family....
There's this one particular harbor.....


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