Cigar bars are being targeted.....

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Cigar bars are being targeted.....

Post by aeroparrot » ... _protests/

Now the problem with this is I can see this leading to the city banning ALL sales of tobacco in the city of Boston. The reasoning would be because of the health risks for those who either choose not to or cannot smoke.

If you go to a place like a cigar bar, you know that there is going to be secondhand smoke. If you don't want accept that risk, then don't go or work there. There are other places to go.
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Post by ragtopW »

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Post by rednekkPH »

PA just instituted a statewide smoking ban for all public places. Exemptions are being granted for tobacco shops, cigar bars, and any bar where food sales make up less than 20% of their total income.

It is SO NICE to be able to come home from a night out and not smell like I've spent the night curled up in an ashtray. Even when I did smoke I used to hate how my hair and clothes smelled after a night of bar-hopping.

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Post by buffettbride »

There's pretty much no smoking anywhere public in CO either unless you're a cigar place. There's one actual establishment in downtown Denver that is a bar, restaurant, and cigar bar where you can eat, drink, smoke, and be merry. Even the casinos banned smoking not too long back.

Since I've quit smoking, though, i don't really pay much notice to it anymore except what Frankie said. It's nice to come home and not smell like bar (although, I've noticed that the smoke smell masked a lot of other icky bar smells, eeeewww).

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