For Cat Owners

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For Cat Owners

Post by nycfeat »

A friend discovered this set of 3 animated shorts that involves a cat. It's sooo funny.

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Re: For Cat Owners

Post by magnus & Mr Moon »

That is f*cking funny and so true......thanks for sharing. :D

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Re: For Cat Owners

Post by Moonie »

we have a new kitten, to go with the other 3 adults, and I swear I thought a tornado had blown through the house this morning.

Nah, just Bella...

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Re: For Cat Owners

Post by dnw »

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Re: For Cat Owners

Post by flipflopgirl »

:lol: :lol: :lol: LMAO!!!! Thanks for sharing Sang!
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Re: For Cat Owners

Post by PerfectPartner »

Those are the funniest cartoons. I haven't seen them in awhile. Thanks Sang!

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Re: For Cat Owners

Post by nutmeg »

:D :D I swear the tv dinner one is Meggie! Especially the part where he gets up and she takes over the "warmed up spot"
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