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crazy biker

Post by rich_big »

Now I don’t ride a bike, but if I did I would not want to bump or be bumped by anything. Let alone an RV. I guess this guy won’t be doing this again anytime soon…. ... dent-.html

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Re: crazy biker

Post by PirateJohn »

Being a Parrothead, a rider, and a full-time RV'er I can honestly say that the stopping distance of most RV's should be measured with a calendar.

With that said, this poor schmuck's actions are roughly equivalent to sticking your hand into a meat grinder because you don't like the butcher. :-?
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Re: crazy biker

Post by Skibo »

Most bikers are smarter than that one, well at least the ones that don't want to die are.
A witness told investigators that the motorcyclist made obscene gestures before suddenly pulling in front of the larger vehicle and slamming on the brakes, Uhrich said. The rear wheel of motorcycle got caught under the front right bumper of the RV, which lost control and slammed into the center divider, he said.
The biker, 57 was ejected from the motorcycle and pronounced dead at the scene. Uhrich noted that the biker was wearing a so-called skull cap which partially covered his head but is not certified and did not provide protection in the event of collision.
For some reason, I don't think it matters what type of helmet he was wearing, Darwinism wasn't going to be avoided even with a DOT approved full face helmet.
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