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Date A Shirt - FOD

Post by land_shark3 »

So is anyone else watching the FOD Show on HBO?

Spoiler alert:
One of the skits is about a t-shirt who goes out and winds up dating. It is a "Parrothead" shirt and they wind up making him an honorary member of the Margaritaville Fire Department.
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Re: Date A Shirt - FOD

Post by Summerlover »

What did you think of this show? We couldn't get thru it. Was I missing something?

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Re: Date A Shirt - FOD

Post by Snowparrot »

What's an FOD?

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Re: Date A Shirt - FOD

Post by pair8head »

Snowparrot wrote:What's an FOD?
In the Aircraft industry it stands for Foreign Object Damage.
Having never seen this show because we don't pay for HBO I
have no idea.
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Re: Date A Shirt - FOD

Post by Seas in my veins »

Funny or Die. ... ction.html

They are the crew that put together Eastbound and Down (Kenny Powers). Also have some great Will Ferrel shorts on the internet.

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Re: Date A Shirt - FOD

Post by txaggirl91 »

Funny or Die...

I think HBO was making the clips from the website into a show
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