People's Hero of the Year Contest

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People's Hero of the Year Contest

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If you could please take 30 seconds to vote for Reece's Rainbow for People's Hero of the Year Contest, I would greatly appreciate it! This is the link to vote:
Please pass this on to as many people as possible and vote often (you can vote as many times as you want)! ... eaderhero/

Andrea Roberts has created an organization called Reece's Rainbow. For a little background, it is a non-profit org that helps families (mostly in the U.S.) adopt children with Down Syndrome from foreign countries. Children with Down Syndrome in other countries are usually left in orphanages by families unwilling or unable to care for them. In the orphanages, the children go without access to the medical care that most of them need and without the patient attention and help that they need to learn to sit, crawl, walk, feed themselves, etc. By the time that they are the ripe old age or 4 or 5, their time at their orphanages is up, and most are transferred to mental institutions or insane asylums. Here they are truly on their own in a world of utter confusion and horror. So sadly, their mortality rate is 1-2 yrs once they're "admitted".
Amazingly, it is just as expensive to internationally adopt a child with Down Syndrome as it is to internationally adopt and child without. So these generous, loving families who want to adopt a child with Down Syndrome need all the financial help that they can get. And the sooner the better as many, many of the children are literally living on borrowed time.
If you'd like to learn more about Reece's Rainbow and how you can further help their website is:


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Re: People's Hero of the Year Contest

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Will do.
Twenty degrees and the hockey games on...

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