Did Amelia Earhardt land somewhere?

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Re: Did Amelia Earhardt land somewhere?

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pair8head wrote:
C-Dawg wrote:
msu#1 wrote:I read they found a dead polar bear and parts to a Oceanic jetliner
Damb, I really miss LOST....nothing else on TV is quite as mentally stimulating and entertaining.
Not a lost fan however have you tried The EV3ENT?
Yeah, I like it, but it's not LOST....not even close.


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Re: Did Amelia Earhardt land somewhere?

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Crazy Navy Flyer wrote:I'm sure she landed somewhere, landings are mandatory, it's the takeoffs that are optional.
if landing in the drink is considered "landing"

I'd feel bad for you, but I have no soul.....

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Re: Did Amelia Earhardt land somewhere?

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alphabits wrote:Rumors are circulating that they've also discovered the remains of what appears to be seven stranded castaways ..... 4 males and 3 females.
...and the Harlem Globetrotters.
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Re: Did Amelia Earhardt land somewhere?

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Her plane went down in Madagascar and King Julien lives in the wreckage.
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Re: Did Amelia Earhardt land somewhere?

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I'm sure she did.

Cap'n Bobby

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