Caribbean Recommendations

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Caribbean Recommendations

Post by botdrnk »

Alrighty, I'm reaching out to fellow Parrotheads. We're planning a week in the Caribbean mid-October. Yes, I know it's hurricane season, but after getting married there many Octobers ago I have no fear! And yes, I can reason with hurricane season.

Can anyone recommend a place to go and a place to stay? With so many islands, I'd like to hear what you've been to and where you stayed. Disregard the Keys, St. Thomas, St. Lucia, Bahamas, St. John, St. Croix, and Bermuda (although not Caribbean) as we've visited those places before.

We're considering them all so let 'em fly! My only stipulation is that it has to be on the beach.

Any and all recommendations and tips are greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!

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Re: Caribbean Recommendations

Post by Left Field ParrotHead »

Dominican Republic.

I liked it so much I lived there for a while.
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Re: Caribbean Recommendations

Post by MacPhin »

do you want to stay in a resort or rent a villa/house/condo? we rented a great place In the Turks & Cacios. ... ataID=8007

of course this was 10 years ago this september so i bet it's a bit more pricey now that the island has been "discovered".

Anguilla is another great place. get a place on east shoal bay and then walk over to Gwen's for some food and R&R
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Re: Caribbean Recommendations

Post by lime rickie »

We stayed at the Palladium Grand on Riviera Maya, an all inclusive place. Not much of a party scene, which was fine since we were there with our keets, but a lovely resort and beach and a very relaxing time.
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Re: Caribbean Recommendations

Post by flipflopgirl »

TORTOLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8) :D Have a great time where ever you end up!
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Re: Caribbean Recommendations

Post by docandjeanie »

We spent our honeymoon at Sandals Royal Caribbean in Montego Bay Jamaica. We got a Butler suite, it was fantastic, anything you want is yours on the menu or not, they also have those River Suite's now, which have a private pool of your own, that leads out to the winding river pool. We loved it there, if Montego Bay is not where you want to be that have other locations in Negril, Ocho Rios, etc. Youc an visit Mville there, a really cool one.

I also love anything in the BVI.

Enjoy :)

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Re: Caribbean Recommendations

Post by seminoledq »

flipflopgirl wrote:TORTOLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8) :D Have a great time where ever you end up!
Headed there next week so I can report back upon our return.


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Re: Caribbean Recommendations

Post by nutmeg »

St Vincent is great (Young Island)! Virgin Gorda (Nail Bay Resort or Bitter End or Little Dix Bay) I agree with Christine that Tortola (Cane Garden Bay) was great.

Have you been to Belize???
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Re: Caribbean Recommendations

Post by Frank4 »

I have never been there, but this article on Barbados makes me want to go.... ... index.html
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Re: Caribbean Recommendations

Post by Snowparrot »

The Dominican Republic is fine, but not in hurricane season. Likewise Playa del Carmen and Cozumel in Mexico.
Jamaica is good, and lots of variety in places to stay, from the isolated, rustic or funky Treasure Beach to the upscale resorts including chains like Riu and Iberostar, and individual luxury places, like Half Moon Bay. Hurricanes happen there, sometimes.
I like Bonaire, but unless you like to either dive or just sit on a coral beach, it may be too quiet.
Tobago is wonderful, but quiet. Great diving, birds and beaches.
Haven't really been anywhere else---yet!

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Re: Caribbean Recommendations

Post by Tropic_Al »

We love French St. Martin. Always had a wonderful time there. Unfortunately, it's been years since we've been. Just thinking about the Caribbean makes me want to go back. Ahhh, someday. 8)
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Re: Caribbean Recommendations

Post by green1 »

Next time (whenever that may be) one of the places we want to look into is Saltwhistle Bay on Mayreau. Small island in the Grenadines.

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Re: Caribbean Recommendations

Post by sonofabeach »

Frank4 wrote:I have never been there, but this article on Barbados makes me want to go.... ... index.html
Ever since I heard this song a few years back I've wanted to go to Barbados
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Re: Caribbean Recommendations

Post by blackjack »

See my sig pic? that's Negril, Jamaica.

THe beaches in Negril are hard to beat and the cost is reasonable compared to many other Caribbean locations.
Also, the drinking water is safe and they speak English.

A good choice for a fun vacation also on a nice beach is Breezes Runaway Bay in Jamaica.

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Re: Caribbean Recommendations

Post by Happyface »

Cane Garden Bay, Tortola. :) Quito Rhymers Inn, came highly recommended to me. I've only been to Tortola on cruise ship, so I can't comment personnally on the accommodations. Quito's is small, right on the beach w/ other small "hotels", restaurants, & some straw market stands. GORGEOUS! Very laid back, and has good access to other BVI's for day trips. The other side of Tortola has swimming with the Dolphins!
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Re: Caribbean Recommendations

Post by BigR-KyParrothead »

i cant say enough great things about playa del carmen

check out my playa thread in this section of the board

my sig pic was taken in tulum, just about 45 minutes south of playa...another great riviera maya spot

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Re: Caribbean Recommendations

Post by Missing B'dos »

Seeing as I have been living in the Caribbean 4 of the last 7 years, I probably would know.. in fact Jimmy is still there just now. (TT is having a really RAINY Rainy Season this year!)
# 1 Barbados
# 2 Bequia
# 3 Turks & Caicos (Provo)
# 4 San Salvador, Bahamas (farthest out island, like no other)
# 5 Bonaire
# 6 Mayreau (Saltwhistle Bay, most beautiful place on earth, but you have to like doing 'nothing')
# 7 Jost Van Dyke (ditto above)
# 8 Young Island, St. Vincent
#9 St. Kitts, if you want a Marriott deal

Have also travelled to: Puerto Rico, Bahamas, St. John USVI, Anguilla (too expensive), St. Martin/Sint Maarten, Nevis, St. Kitts, Antigua, St. Lucia, Dominica, Grenada, Isla Margarita, Tobago, and of course, Trinidad, as well as all of the above.

Now am living in Orange County, CA, where it is always sunny and never any rainy season, but we do have fog in the a.m.!
PS Local paper says there is a phlocking at the bar down the hill Saturday night?!!
Jimmy will be back presently. He has to go on to Boston first.
I wish I could go to Boston. I would like a clam roll and some lobster bisque.
Oh, well... I will get one in October when we are in NE, on MV, and in CT for a week!
As far as the hurricanes go, it is really hit or miss, but the further south you go, such as Bequia, Mayreau or Tobago, the less likely it is.
Have a lovely cruise!
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Re: Caribbean Recommendations

Post by bravedave »

+1 more vote for B'dos.
See if you can find a rental apartment or small villa down around St Lawrence Gap. Beautiful beaches and good restaurants are plentiful. Rent a 'moke' for the day and drive around the island. See the posh western side, with its serene Carribbean beaches. Visit the wild Atlantic beaches on the east side (just watch your step in the surf!). Don't miss Harrison Cave, the wildlife sanctuary, and the Mount Gay distillery tour. There's much more than that, but it's a start.

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Re: Caribbean Recommendations

Post by Missing B'dos »

Just be warned you can't lock a moke (said 'mokey') so we would vote for a small car. Also, if you don't want to drive yourself take an Island Safari. Includes lunch, east coast, etc.
A day on Cool Runnings to see the sea turtles is so excellent we would go every month when living there just for the fun. AVOID Tiami, they overload their boats.
Golf, golf, golf... the cheapest is Rockley, the poshest is Green Monkey at Sandy Lane. Barbados Country Club is nice, too.
Polo if there's any on.
there are 4 fields...
We love the restored St. Nicholas Abbey which now makes artisan rum and has tastings. it is not open on Saturdays. You need a car to go there, it can be included in an East Coast tour.
Some Sundays, but not usually in fall, they run the windmill up on the NE coast. If you have a car, go to Earthworks pottery and the lovely craft shops there, the best on the island.
B'dos is my island in de sun... I miss it every day!
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Re: Caribbean Recommendations

Post by Tarheel Tail-Gator »

Villa Margarita

St. Croix

Check out the reviews on Trip Advisor (including mine from an April visit)

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