08/25/12 East Troy, WI

Buy, Sell, or Trade tickets (at face value only)

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08/25/12 East Troy, WI

Post by SMLCHNG »

Face value, only

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Re: 08/25/12 East Troy, WI

Post by ExpatriatedAmerican »

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Re: 08/25/12 East Troy, WI

Post by Beth10375 »

6 Pavilion seats available
Section 202, Row NN
Face Value- $157/ticket

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Re: 08/25/12 East Troy, WI

Post by lindymon »

6 Pavilion seats
Section 201
Row JJ
Seats 1-11
Face Value of $157 per seat

Willing to break up the set in pairs - make an offer

Email me lafreniere14@gmail.com
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Re: 08/25/12 East Troy, WI

Post by shooter »

I have 4 lawn seats available for face BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY I have 3 rooms reserved at Alpine that we're not using

The rooms come with the tickets

email me bkpaw10@sbcglobal.net

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Re: 08/25/12 East Troy, WI

Post by phins2left »

I have 6 lawn seats for the 8/25 show. Face value and I'll meet you to swap. Hard tickets. Sadly, no free room to give away :wink:

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Re: 08/25/12 East Troy, WI

Post by Uncle John »

I have two extra to unload: Section 103 Row A, Seat 18 and 20. I had these seats last year and they are great seats. A little off-center, but you can see Jimmy & The Reefers very well. I am just upgrading to front center for my 50th show so unloading these. If anyone wants these, just looking for face + fees or best offer. Please let me know if interested and/or if you'd like to party beforehand. Thanks! Should add that these say "Obstructed view" but that I sat in these same seats last year. The only thing obstructed was that it was off-center, none of the seats was obscured.
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Re: 08/25/12 East Troy, WI

Post by Lostarlake »


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Re: 08/25/12 East Troy, WI

Post by finsupnorth33 »

2 Pavillion tix for sale
Sec. 103, Row C seats 26 & 28
Face Value/$157 each. I would like to sell these as a pair. $300 for both + overnight shipping.....
These are amazing seats right next to the stage!

Something came up & my Wife & I can't make the show and need to get rid of them. These are physical tickets in hand.

located in Rhinelander, WI

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Re: 08/25/12 East Troy, WI

Post by whereisdave »

Selling one ticket, THIRD ROW- sec 101, row A1, seat 21.
I am still attending the show and would meet to give to you.
Seeking $140, which is below face value of $157 for this great seat. Thanks

Feel free to text me 512-917-3720 . -Dave
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Re: 08/25/12 East Troy, WI

Post by CheeseHead in Paradise! »

We have an extra ticket available for $75 (1/2 price). It's a great seat... close to the stage and right on the main isle!
SEC: 203, ROW: R

SOLD! $75 to Steve W.

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Re: 08/25/12 East Troy, WI

Post by ritzyparrot1 »

We have 2 extra tickets in the pavilion Section 202 Row HH. Looking for Face or a decent offer :lol: . We are heading up from Kentucky on Friday but can next-day ship if confirmed by Thursday. Staying in Elkhorn and going to Two-Season's Friday night. See y'all in Wisconsin. 317-428-8154

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Re: 08/25/12 East Troy, WI

Post by Under40VictimofFate »

Two pavillion seats in Section 201, Row QQ. Would like to get $100 per ticket ($136 face), but will discuss.

Plus I'll throw in a drink or two in the parking lot!!
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