Who's going to Alpine Valley 2012?

Meet up with some of your friends from BN and find out who's going to the show

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Transport from Milwaukee to Alpine Valley?

Post by whereisdave »

For the 8/25 show, if anyone knows of a bus or other mode of transport I might be able to get on please let me know. Thanks!

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Re: Who's going to Alpine Valley 2012?

Post by WVParrothead »

Flight from Pittsburgh leaves at 6PM tonight. Only other time at Alpine was one of the aforementioned 50°-ish days. Looking forward to it! Have a great weekend everyone!
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Re: Who's going to Alpine Valley 2012?

Post by dnw »

Safe travels to all the BNers going to the concert.


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Re: Who's going to Alpine Valley 2012?

Post by phjrsaunt »

Happy Buffett Day, Alpine peeps!!
:D :D :D :D :D :D

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Re: Who's going to Alpine Valley 2012?

Post by HalfWayTree »

Thanks for the informative post! I'm heading to AV with my daughter in a few hours... first... Buffett...concert... ever... and have no idea what to expect. Great reading about the parking. We are staying in Madison at the moment and were going to head out any minute... but if the parking lot doesn't "officially" open until 3, we'll do some shopping on State Street before driving down south.

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Re: Who's going to Alpine Valley 2012?

Post by CheeseHead in Paradise! »

Well... another fun-filled Buffett weekend is in the books! [smilie=coolup.gif]

My 75 year old Mother even attended this year! This wasn't her first concert, but it's been a few years. She also did way better than me walking back up that damn hill after the show! :wink:

By the way, it's well worth the $30 to park in the VIP Lot - we got out of there so fast! We were back in Lake Geneva sipping on a post-concert totty at 11 o'clock! :D

I hope everyone else had a great time too? Can't wait for next year! :lol:


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Re: Who's going to Alpine Valley 2012?

Post by southofdisorder07 »

So I finally went to sleep Sunday nite, woke up in Vegas Monday morning, went back to sleep until Tuesday afternoon, still in Vegas (thats good, no one moved me). Someone stole my Nyquil again Friday night and the bar charged my account for 2 bottles of Patron, geez:-)))

Another great year, hoping for several more! Hope ya all had a blast and took home many fond (or fogged) memories of the weekend! Those on our buses - thanks for getting our stuff back! Hope all the newbies had a great time!!!

From all of us at Hemingways, South Of Disorder, Pirates Over 40, David Marshall Band & Frank Whiting - thank you and see you next year!!!

Steve, Jessica, Larry, Melissa and the Alpine Valley phlocking

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