Who's going to Phoenix 10-24-13??

Meet up with some of your friends from BN and find out who's going to the show

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Re: Who's going to Phoenix 10-24-13??

Post by jimmygroovy »

Looking forward to a good Street Party before PHX... Did Vegas on Saturday and sounds like there are a bunch of people on the same program! I'll be there with the white sport coat and the dirty stache !
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Re: Who's going to Phoenix 10-24-13??

Post by PhxParrothead »

Happy Buffett Day EVE to all! Is there a street party and what time does it start? I was disappointed when I heard about the venue. I knew tailgating would be an issue.

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Re: Who's going to Phoenix 10-24-13??

Post by jeff e »

The Beach Party starts at noon at Cityscape 8)

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Re: Who's going to Phoenix 10-24-13??

Post by dnw »

Happy Phoenix Buffett Day! Enjoy the concert.


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Re: Who's going to Phoenix 10-24-13??

Post by zedagyrl »

YAY! Happy Buffett Day Phoenix! See ya'll a little later today. FINS UP! PHoenix.
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Re: Who's going to Phoenix 10-24-13??

Post by skou »

OK, I'm sitting at home listening to the replay.

I just heard Jimmy singing "Boat Drinks."
(I wanna go where it's warm.)

I'm calling BS on that. This concert is in late
October. If Jimmy wanted to go where it's warm,
he'd be here in August, and playing outdoors! :D

Seriously, from what I'm hearing (had to work
until 8:30) the concert ROCKS!!

No, couldn't afford tickets, but
the internet covered me. This time!


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